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  1. 20-yr old IDP, PPR redraft CBS league seeks 2 replacement owners. 2RB/3WR/FLX, DL/LB/DB/FLX $600 buy-in. league based in NJ but snake draft held online now (Tues 9/3-7pm) so open to all contact for more info. thanks
  2. hi everyone. thank you for your interest. the spot has been filled thanks steve
  3. looking for a replacement team for our 14-tm 17-yr-old CBS 6x6 (OBP, K/9) roto keeper league. Keep 8 major leaguers and 8 minor leaguers $250 flat fee auction draft can be participated live in NJ, but most people do online, members located in NJ, NY, OH, AZ, FL prizes -50/30/15/5 please direct questions and requests to see roster to thanks