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  1. I think Gore is a hall of fame runningback. For football, I don’t consider longevity in a career allowing a player to “compile” stats to be a negative. It’s a violent game. Getting on the field every week and coming back every year is an accomplishment in my view. His peak years were very good too.
  2. Prime Jose Reyes was incredible. Then he hurt his hamstring. Mets rushed him back I still remember the series where it happened. Out in LA ran up the first base line and pulled up he was never the same after that.
  3. If the Chinese government could have had it their way not a single piece of information would have escaped the country. All the “help” they’re giving now is the equivalent of someone totaling your car and then offering to vacuum it.
  4. How does everyone feel on the question if they’re going to bring him back? They have a lot of holes on defense and I get the feeling Arians likes him. I would give him a year on either the franchise tag or a short prove it deal the talent is clearly there.
  5. This managed to be a really disappointing game considering where he was at half time. Gruden has done a really good job in some areas making this team relevant and competitive again but he’s been brutal at times trying to close out games.
  6. the thumb scared me and it cost me. At this point he should really consider constantly breaking it. Kind of like the Lebron pregame ritual with the powder except he takes a hammer and smashes his thumb.
  7. Frustrating to have the clear cut best team in your league only to lose because of in game injuries.
  8. He’s in my lineup regardless. If he has a bad game and it single handedly costs me then I lose that’s all. If you decide to get cute in the semifinals and it works out god bless you.
  9. Great throw by Darnold. If the Jets can ever find a way to make good hires and decisions he has potential.
  10. No. My one league I have the clear best team though so the 15 dollars for Boffanon, Mattison, and Armstead was worth any potential disaster.
  11. I’m hoping in time, perhaps before these five years are up, Fred Wilpon becomes merely an aging, withering figurehead in the same vein as Queen Elizabeth. Good news though regardless.
  12. He nearly dies every time he catches the ball. It always looks painful. Great talent San Diego needs to find their next quarterback quick they have a great skill group.
  13. Marrone getting fired end of the season? He’s not good at his job.