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  1. 1. 7 regular season matches and 2 rounds of playoffs (1 week each) 2. 8 regular season matches and 1 round of playoffs (1 week) Which one you going with?
  2. H2H Cats, 10 teams. Keep 7. Team has a good core with Acuna Jr., T. Turner, Devers, Bregman, Alonso and Bellinger Settings: Team: Leave a email address for a invite. Please only apply if you intend to play beyond this short season, thanks!
  3. I can go to some of my teams but I have a few that I can't get to and says Oops! Looks like something went wrong, please try again. I've signed out and signed back in, cleared my cookies, and tried on my ipad, iphone, and this laptop. I am in the middle of a offline prospects draft so this is beyond frustrating.
  4. league rosters are full. I store the prospects draft results on my website and people just need to verify a prospect isn't on that list if they wish to add them to their regular roster
  5. okay, once you join the league you will have 3 picks right away. Good practice would be to make sure that the prospect isn't already owned in the main league then make sure they weren't picked already in the prospects draft. I have a link on the league home page for the page where we keep the prospects draft