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  1. league rosters are full. I store the prospects draft results on my website and people just need to verify a prospect isn't on that list if they wish to add them to their regular roster
  2. okay, once you join the league you will have 3 picks right away. Good practice would be to make sure that the prospect isn't already owned in the main league then make sure they weren't picked already in the prospects draft. I have a link on the league home page for the page where we keep the prospects draft
  3. okay, if you join will you be able to make 3 prospects picks right away for the prospects draft? We have skipped his picks but want to get this thing back on track with all owners involved.
  4. H2H Cats, 10 teams. We keep 35 of 40 every season. Draft has already taken place. 11th year of league. Team: Settings: Leave a email address and how long you have been playing fantasy baseball, thanks!