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  1. Swift vs a soft ATL run D and he busted out last week so they'll likely feed him
  2. I would go Minshew/Davis. Chargers are bad vs the pass so Minshew should have a good day.
  3. Brees vs vs CAR with no Thomas & Sanders or Tannenhill vs PIT? Leave link for help, thanks!
  4. I’m not as high on Montgomery as others so I’d see if Brady & Montgomery does it. I’m not too worried about Bell taking too much away from CEH, I’d hang onto him
  5. Not sure why he wants Bell but if he wants him bad enough I’d offer Bell & Cooks for Sanders & Jefferson.
  6. Cousins vs ATL (If the game is played) or Fitzpatrick vs NYJ? Brees on a bye leave link for help, thanks!
  7. Jacobs and CEH are auto starts IMO. Then for me I would go with McKinnon if Mostert doesn't play and Gibson if he doesn't
  8. I’d look to deal Conner and Hollywood for Theilen and a TE. Then dump Hurst and keep Tonyan around. Or throw Hurst in the deal to compensate for the owner losing a TE.
  9. I’d send the Eckler owner a offer with Kelley in it. No way I’d deal Carson for either of those WR’s. Maybe Kelley/Woods for JuJu + a RB would work
  10. Lamb for sure then Woods. For flex I’d go with Gibson since it’s a PPR and he’ll get a good chunk of targets out of the backfield with a new QB
  11. If you want someone like Jacobs you will have to be willing to deal Evans or Hill. I’d go after Taylor with Lamb if it’s a keeper league. Maybe you could do Lamb for Hunt since you have Chubb and he’s gonna be awhile.
  12. Singletary is a pretty solid must start if he plays and I’ve seen no indication he has COVID. Then Gallup vs a bad NYG D in what should be a high scoring game for the Cowboys and the other pick would be Shultz for the same reason as Gallup