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  1. die hard blue jays fan...dropped [Bichette] in a keep 8 because I had so many injuries and no NA spot. Plus was fighting for the playoffs...looks like I won't make the playoffs and lost BO to another Jays fan...yes sad story not the right place but my wife is sick of hearing about it... BO KNOWS!
  2. I drafted him everywhere because I am a Homer but lets be real the team around him doesn't help
  3. hey man got to post in bench forum but for me solid and great lineup.
  4. I have been trying this deal without Murray for a long time but no luck
  5. Keeper...keep 4. 16 teams. I give: Embiid, Jamal Murray, Wesley Matthews, Len, Hernangomez I get: Westbrook, Butler, Gibson, Josh Richardson, Jordan Clarkson He's in last place and I am in 4th...looking to make a run for championship... My team Irving, Matthews, Barnes, Len, Harrel, Morris, Lowry, Siakam, Embiid, Hernangomez, Augustin, DeRozan, Ed Davis, Ariza, Jamal Murray, Lonzo Ball
  6. I love fantasy basketball but basketball in general to be honest is a joke...the players are literally controlling everything...i really don't get it...Your contract is not up shut up and play. This would never fly in other sports....
  7. The TEAM is doing the right thing and it sucks for fantasy but I haven't been able to buy low at all so managers may be pissed but still value him 1st round.
  8. I would offer this trade but if I owned Vlad Jr I would reject
  9. As a Jays fan i have never liked him...good luck with the Yankees riding the rehab bus
  10. do it right away help
  11. I would try Lillard and Murray for Kyrie, Siakam and Lamb help