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  1. In DFS, FanDuel isn’t letting us change players for CIN/DET since it’s been postponed. Super frustrating. Anyone know how to get them to allow a change, especially since postponement happened after scheduled start of game?
  2. Seems to be no news on when play might resume. Anyone hearing anything?
  3. With Oberg hitting the DL, is Jairo Diaz a decent target as the new closer if Wade Davis sucks or gets injured/Coronavirused?
  4. Figured they’d do it this Tuesday. Glad to hear confirmation and I guess I’ll take a free subscription to the Athletic.
  5. Wondering why the Yankees haven’t done anything with their roster concerning Chapman. Is he going on the IL? If so, why not already have him there? Is he opting out? If so, why not get a replacement player on the roster?
  6. If Meadows has already been out 10 days or so and the quarantine is 14 days, he *might* return before the season starts. Not saying it’s gonna happen, only that it might.
  7. I continue to be hopeful that MLB is gonna have a season and playoffs. They seem to be figuring things out. There were links to work out and they seem to be getting worked out. To be honest, this process is prob necessary for a 2021 season. People kept saying “just pack it up until next year.” But the virus isn’t necessarily gone by then. We might be living in similar conditions next spring to what we have now. So getting some of the groundwork laid now is valuable for baseball and any sport or public gathering. Letting organizations adapt and adjust to new protocols, and getting players and others used to masks, social distancing, precautions in lifestyle, interviews done a new way, empty or mostly empty ballparks. All new norms that have to be adapted to for both this year and perhaps next year or longer. So I think there’s value in doing this, I’m glad they’re doing it, and so far, I’d say things are going as well as I’d hoped. Selfishly, I’m happy that all the opt-outs so far have either been fantasy-irrelevant, or haven’t affected any of my teams.
  8. My sense is that most players planning to opt out have already done so. We’re less than 2 weeks away from the first games being played. A few more may be on the fence and a few may have their minds changed, but my guess is that there won’t be too many more fantasy-relevant names drop out. The big question will be if players can avoid infection when traveling. The travel seems like it may expose lots of players to a much greater degree, so you may see an increase in positive tests in the first two weeks of the season. And if that happens, maybe more players drop out.
  9. Buster Posey has opted out. Let’s review some basic items we’ve discovered so far: 1) Opt-outs have slowed. This was to be expected. Most players who would opt out would do so fairly early. That’s what happened. Some more may still opt out, but there are less opt outs each few days, it seems. 2) No “elite” players have opted out yet. David Price was the most fantasy-relevant player, and he’s not a top 40 player, or probably even a top 100 (haven’t looked at ADP recently, but I think he was outside the top 100). 3) Identifying players who benefit from opt-outs is mostly speculation and probably not all that useful. 4) Total players testing positive is fairly low, overall. With quarantine procedures in place, things are going more or less as the league probably expected. I think I’m comfortable with things so far. Things may still get out of control, but I’m actually feeling decent about a season happening, completing, and having most of its stars play.
  10. I almost posted the Trout thing because if a player or two like him opt out, you’ll hear a small ruckus from fantasy owners wanting to redraft or cancel their leagues this year.
  11. Perhaps this thread will be more unique if we do it this way: OPT OUT BENEFITS Mike Leake Merrill Kelly Joe Ross ??? Ryan Zimmerman Eric Thames
  12. I guess, but some of these guys are on the player pool lists (Zimmerman was, right?). So it’s somewhat of a separate issue, especially if some players find it easier to opt out as others declare they’re opting out.