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  1. Any list for minor leaguers? This is helpful but only lists MLB team/stadium staff.
  2. You know, it’s weird that Mike Rizzo hasn’t traded for his son Anthony to play 1B for the Nats yet 🤣 But for real, thanks for sharing! This give me hope just like the Fauci news did.
  3. This is highly hope-giving and comes from perhaps the leading expert on this situation in America. So thanks for sharing!
  4. Wait, I thought @Cmilne23 was our chief western Washington correspondent. If I’d known there was room enough for more, I’d’ve joined the ranks when I still lived out there! 🤣
  5. Guys, I have no idea how this keeps happening, but I love it. MLB is progressing along the *exact* course of action I proposed earlier in this thread. Sorry to do this again, but check this out: Honestly, the headline says most of it right here: MLB considering radical realignment for 2020 season: Grapefruit and Cactus leagues Are they reading this forum for suggestions?!?!
  6. Ah, you didn’t read my post. My plan specifically calls for taking multiple team busses so that airports are avoided and players can maintain social distancing. The rich players can prob travel on their own.
  7. Ok, one week ago, I posted the text above as part of a larger post proposing how MLB might play a season. Now look who’s publicly considering exactly what I’d proposed: PLAYER Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic reports that Major League Baseball is considering opening the season in empty spring training parks -- with no fans and all players quarantined. The plan would have all teams stationed in one centralized location -- likely Arizona. Rosenthal notes, "The logistics of quarantining 30 teams in one area would be extremely complex and potentially controversial... requiring local, state and federal government cooperation and resources that might be necessary to fight the coronavirus pandemic." The major logistical concern though, "To play under quarantine, the sport would need to protect the health not only of players and other club personnel, but also umpires and those producing the television broadcasts, plus hotel workers, bus drivers and anyone else involved with the players and games". It's encouraging to hear that MLB is exploring all possible options to begin the season as soon as possible and to fit in as many games as possible during the 2020 season.
  8. Anyone got recommended streaming services for these movies?
  9. Another thing we didn’t mention is staggering games, so there’s viewing all day. Start games at like 10am and have 3-4 games every 3 hours. If you did that, MLB could even make the case that restarting the season would constitute “essential business” because it could assist with public health: if there’s free baseball on all day, every day, millions of Americans will find it much more tolerable to stay inside rather than be itching to get out. It’s a public health measure!
  10. Haha, yeah, Florida doin Florida thangs. I agree that MLB should have an easier time getting back and running than most other industries. Regarding the location issue, I guess they could all play in AZ, I just don't know how many parks are all clustered there. I guess they only need 15, right? So maybe that's feasible. Does away with the need to dissolve divisions and leagues for the year, and for playoff teams to travel between regular season and playoffs.
  11. Ok, fellas, buckle up. I’ve solved the thing. Send this to Señor Manfred: 1) Do away with divisions. Season is already weird and playoffs are gonna be weird so why maintain arbitrary divisions? There’s a reason to do away with them... 2) ...So teams go to spring training facilities for all games! All the infrastructure is in place: ballpark, team accommodations, TV, etc. 3) This means you do 16 teams in FL and 14 teams in AZ so there’s an even amount of teams so you can play every day. This is an “East Coast”/“West Coast” split so the divisions, and even the leagues, can be tossed out the window. If DH is a problem, just allow it for all games or decide on a home-team basis or flip a coin or something. That shouldn’t be a hang up considering all the other, more serious obstacles I’m overcoming here 😎 4) Travel by multiple busses (no airports, etc). Stay in private places while in town. Use first several rows of stands for players instead of dugouts. Spread out. No fans, obviously, so there’s room to keep 6 ft apart. 5) Temp checks 30 min before first pitch (upgraded to actual tests if they become widely available). 6) Strict curfew/isolation during “season” to ensure no one picks up virus. This would only last about 3 months for the season anyway. 7) Expanded Playoffs. I’d suggest 16 teams total, with an initial 3 game series, followed by a 5 game series, followed by 7 game series and a WS of 7 games. Play the playoff games at either FL location or AZ location. 8. Everyone benefits from this. And I mean everyone: fans get games, players get paid and the pleasure of playing, teams make money, networks make money, teams share some revenue with stadium workers who weren’t able to work this season, film crews make money. The general population gets less stir-crazy at home because they can watch baseball. Heck, Congress could prob nationalize the season so “America” continues, and enforce the rules. I know there are plenty of other issues, but don’t let those get in the way. This could work. Make it so! 😂
  12. For some reason, I just missed on Eric Davis growing up. Huge Braves fan growing up in GA in the 90s. I’ve been marginally aware of Eric Davis, but didn’t know too much about him, for whatever reason. So I go do a little looking and I come across this sentence: ”Over a 162-game period spanning June 11, 1986, to July 4, 1987, he batted .308, .406 on-base percentage, .622 slugging percentage with 47 home runs, 149 runs scored, 123 runs batted in (RBI) and 98 stolen bases.” What. The. Holy. Hell. I legitimately cannot imagine a player going 149/47/123/98(!) with a 308/406/622 triple slash. And this was before the steroids broke out. He’s a bean pole. That’s unreal.
  13. Saw a report the May is now the earliest MLB execs expect the season to start.
  14. Baseball is not a high contact sport. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t play at least some games in empty stadia. Or even limit tickets to 1,000 or something. TV deals and ads still happen. Seems like a win for everyone involved.
  15. Please, think of my fragile sanity. Do not say such things, good sir.