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  1. This is all great feedback folks, very much appreciated. Some of the league members actually started breaking down auction values in prep, and there's some concerns we need to backtrack and find a new plan, mostly because that Giannis value is just too low, and would immediately mess up the balance of the league long-term. That squad could potentially just overspend on some other number one pick possibility and have something like Gianny + Harden for only $110. Most of the league members are in a dynasty baseball league with minor leaguers, so they're mentally predisposed to the idea that there will be chunks of years that teams are good and bad, but that may jack things way up right off the bat. I'm probably back to the drawing board on how to make this transition and not completely blow up people original strategy/asset planning, but this is all quite helpful. This is cool, and I love seeing how different leagues handle these issues. We may go permanent auction draft, so one weird alternate suggestion was to let people buy their keeper(s) in advance for full price this first year (based on some average auction values) and they get him permanently, or half price and they get them for however long they would have had him under the old system before he'd rotate out of keeper position.
  2. Thiiiiiis. Might have to make the call on the fly as the auction goes on, and see what my appetite for risk is as they're nominated. I basically get to pre-identify keepers from my old roster, and when they're brought up for auction, I can buy them at the pre-draft price dictated by our system, or bow out and let the bidding commence. We've basically turned our first auction into psychological warfare. What could go wrong? Man, hard decision all around though. Wasn't just me.
  3. Appreciate the thorough answer, man. I've honestly had a good time figuring out this transition, so extra thought and information is appreciated. The big considerations have been trying to respect the planning some teams did over the last couple years (with a 1-2 year outlook) while not tipping the scales too far toward those teams for the foreseeable future, if those keepers that used to escalate will now be permanent. No one wanted to start from scratch, it didn't have to be dead even, but it had to "feel" reasonable for lack of a better word. Everyone was ready for a change, so at least the leaguemates have been amenable to some unusual solutions. If you're curious what the current proposal looks like, it's here: You'll see the pivot point for everything is that one team has Giannis in keeper position, and as you can imagine they were not down with a proposal that obliterated that advantage. Had to figure out a rough system for dinging auction stacks without straight singling them out, that sort of thing. They still get a huge bargain on Gianny, obviously, but this seems to be working for everyone. Happy to hear anyone's thoughts if they're just browsing around. I'm trying to see all the loopholes beforehand so we don't need to make any major, reactive rule changes for at least two years.
  4. Ah, my apologies on the semantics there then. Just a keeper league with pick-trading, and enough carryover to not incentivize bad trades .. or at least that's the hope. Previously we did two keepers, from rounds four and later only, and each year the value went up two rounds (i.e., drafted in 6th, kept for a 4th). Then we threw in pick-trading and things got dicey, nudged it around as it didn't work, things got dicier. Everyone not making the playoffs each year would trade their top guys to the playoff teams at the deadline, for whatever they could get. Like I said it incentivized making sub-value trades, because what's the worst that could happen? You're bad for a year, then back to normal, because it's better to have any extra pick than to sit on a first-rounder if you can't keep them and you're out of contention. Like I said, hope is we add enough carryover, and eliminate the rounds restriction on the keepers, and we land in a happy medium. And kick off with an auction draft so everyone gets the same crack at (almost) every player. What's that they say about best-laid plans, though?
  5. We're converting our two-keeper redraft league into a dynasty league with pick-trading. First-year auction, redraft after that, no separate rookie draft. My question for the seasoned dynasty folks here: have you found a particular number of keepers to be too little/too many, and had to make adjustments? If so, what were the issues? We're going to have rosters of 14-15 active slots, and I was going to propose seven keepers to start.
  6. Damn, I was right to be split on this! Maybe the Heat will trade some players before the season starts and make this easy on me.
  7. Probably Pau just because of the dynasty format and the DNP potential, plus you've got the guy most likely to start sucking up his minutes as the season goes. After that, Danny Green. He's been a rollercoaster with a low ceiling and deep floor for two seasons now. He could bounce back I guess, but Toronto has a ton of combo guard/wings they're developing to throw at their problems. Not sure he's worth hanging onto as guy who's going to be like 4th or 5th option in any lineup he's in for the chance he might start racking up defensive stats again. And yea, taking a big swing and dropping Ariza for Brandon Knight isn't the worst idea. No idea what to make of his season-long role on that young team. He could be a tough hang if he's just a slightly worse version of himself last year, when you throw in the regularly brutal FG%.
  8. Nope, keep two and my other is Donovan Mitchell, which is obviously a gimme. To be clear, it's only two this year because we're transitioning from the redraft to the dynasty league; after this season it'll be significantly more player carryover. But yea, definitely a question of consistency versus ceiling. I've had Harris as a keeper for two seasons and he's rock solid but keeps improving. I suppose it's worth considering whether I'd even be debating this if Richardson hadn't started so slowly over the first two months of the season before going bonkers.
  9. H2H 9-cat, previously redraft + keepers but we're transitioning to a dynasty format with a first-year auction. I got both Gary Harris and Josh Richardson late in drafts last season, so I can keep them for the same super-low price. In a vacuum, which guy do you want for the foreseeable future? I'm leaning towards Harris for the consistency and expectation of opportunity. While Richardson might have a higher fantasy ceiling, I feel like the Heat are cycling their roster every like two years. Happy to respond in kind. I'm getting antsy to dig into basketball after all this auction/league prep, and everyone else is locked in on football right now.