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  1. They should throw fastballs at MLB then for not punishing the players (and probably the MLBPA too). And I can't think that taking a beanball next year will prevent cheating in the future. Just my opinion.
  2. I dont hope that. The game doesn't need that ugliness. However, I would like to see the cheaters have terrible seasons.
  3. Oddly, this was all before McDowell was in the majors. He never played for LaRussa.
  4. Theo could probably get him to sign for a free years supply of Portillos
  5. https://www.angelswin.com/forums/topic/41349-david-brosius-admits-making-up-mike-trout-hgh-allegations/
  6. Do you? Has anyone compared Trouts 2020 head circumference to his rookie year?
  7. This made me think of the Seinfeld where Kramer was a ball boy at Wimbledon
  8. Urena? Wouldn't he be their 4th starter? Agree with Givens, Kela and Watson. All trade bait though, so if you draft them, do so only expecting a few months of save chances. Well, probably just one save chance in the case of Givens.
  9. The best way to prevent this is for the pitcher and catcher to pass handwritten notes to each other between pitches.
  10. I think Pandoras Box is now open. No sweepy.
  11. Is the bouncy ball still in play for 2020? If so I think the twins offense will be about the same as last year