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  1. Didn't see anyone mention him yet, might be a little bit deeper, but based on Preston Williams' production combined with FitzMagic AND past production... Allen Hurns is a sneaky $0 pick up. Owned is exactly 0% (Zero) of Yahoo leagues. Played 43% of the snaps this past Sunday, more than Grant or Wilson, and a 10% increase to his average the past weeks, leading me to believe it was cause and effect of Preston's injury, but I didn't do any game rewind to verify what position he was running his routes from. Still only 27, it seems like a lifetime ago when he was burning people weekly and catching passes from Blake Bortles to the tune of 1,030 yards and 10 TDs for a top 20 finish in 2015, right along side the never to be forgotten 1400/14 season of Allen Robinson. Broken ankle late last year, Dallas signed him, and then joined Miami just 5 months ago, there seems to be room to grow. Not making any promises, but for the price, and the next man up mentality, on the right side of 30, and with a history of past production, he's worth a shot. Pat McAfee mentioned there are rumors Philly is looking into AB after the loss of D.Jax to IR. Oh, for TE desperate people, Tyler Eifert. Any time a new QB shows up, it usually bodes well for the TE of that offense, and Eifert once upon a time was considered elite. This is purely based on the QB change, and a 'what if' scenario.
  2. Refresh my memory... who scored more points yesterday, Henry or Bell? I agree, he just plods. I'm not taking away his TDs, Matt Asiata was solid in my lineup for weeks too. That's the game we play. I'm just not naive enough to pretend Matt Asiata is special. I don't care about Henry, my only point was how ignorant it is to call Bell a turd and call Henry a 'top 10 stud' when they're separated by .8 fantasy points per game.
  3. TD Dependent plodder. Low end RB2. Less than 4 yards a carry, only reason he's top 10 is because he hasn't had his bye yet. On a per game basis he only ranks 15th, less than a point per game above 'super stars' like Tevin Coleman and LeVeon Bell. As long as you ignore that Coleman is in a 3 man committee and Bell is on the worst team in the NFL, it sounds just fine. If it wasn't for the fact Henry has the 4th highest TDs in the league (among all non-QB positions, not just RB) he would be treated the same as Carlos Hyde. Actually, just kidding, Carlos Hyde has more rushing yards on less attempts, averaging nearly 5 yards per carry. Derrick Henry is a worse version of Carlos Hyde, but as long as he gets TDs, that's all that matters in fantasy. While realistically I'm just here to check Cleats, it is important to keep perspective on a player's fantasy finish relative to their actual on field production. Keep that in mind in case anyone is tricking themselves into ranking/drafting this guy highly next year; without the TDs he's just a less efficient Carlos Hyde.
  4. The difference between LeVeon Bell and Derrick Henry this year is .8 points per game. 8 yards. The contrasting way in which you speak of these two RBs is hilarious.
  5. Better than than never I suppose, but this is the difference between hindsight and foresight. Only one is useful in fantasy football. Half Season check point, Locket is currently on pace for: 128/105/1365/11 304 Fantasy Points, 19 PPG. And for the trol-lulz [...]
  6. Cheap play by Rodgers. New rules have defenders so afraid to touch the QB, he fakes going out of bounds, defenders all let up, and he exploits it by turning left and running for another 5-10 yards.
  7. I think you're being too short sighted here. Many others as well. Look, I understand the landscape of the thread I'm in, where hype or hate are the only options, but allow me to take the middle ground for pure analysis. According to Rapaport, (I'm too lazy to do the math right now) Josh Gordon started 17 games for the Patriots, and in those 17 games managed a total stat line of 60/1007/4. Now, I completely agree this isn't 'shining' by any stretch of the word, but let's not pretend that after 6 years off of football, that the equivalent of a 1,000 yard season is a bust or failure. Let's not pretend that Tom Brady or the Patriots have been churning out stud Fantasy WRs for any length of time, because reality check, they aren't. Tom Brady is a great real life QB, but over the last 3-5 years, he has been dominating the league with dinks and dunks, that no one has found a way to stop. Edelman, White, and these 3 yards crossing routes, that fast and shifty players are taking for 10-15 yard chunks on a regular basis. I'm not trash talking Tom Brady, but I want to be honest about what type of QB he is in regards to the WR fantasy landscape. Key word fantasy here. Josh Gordon is not, was not, has never been, and likely never will be, a 5 yard crossing route player. Josh Gordon made his entire career with a Yard Per Reception average of 18+, using his freak speed (which admittedly appears to be sapped) to dominate and put up highlight film week after week after week, by being force fed the ball from a team that played down 99% of the time. Edelman has broke 1k yards twice in the last 6 seasons. To be completely fair, that's highly due to his inability to last 16 games. James White, Wes Welker, Edelman, Amendola, the list goes on, the Patriots offense runs on the short passing game. Josh Gordon never really made sense here to me, and I while the hype of Randy Moss and 50TD Tom was tantalizing, the reality was that he was most likely brought here to be a Gronkowski replacement. Big, Fast, Strong, run up the seam to threaten defenses. Gronk's best years look awfully similar, in the 70/1100 range. That's just my opinion. Josh Gordon running short routes and trying to survive on 90-100 targets, wasn't the role we needed him to be in. Brandin Cooks, did manage 65/1082/7 in 2017 with the Pats, not far off what Josh Gordon just accomplished in his last 17 game stint, but due to how they were chopped up, I think people aren't seeing the bigger picture. If I owned Josh Gordon, I am NOT dropping. He was dropped in 2 of my leagues, and I already put in waivers for him in both. Patriots traded away Cooks, they bailed on AB, teased Demaryius, and now Josh Gordon. It's not like the Patriots moving on from a player means anything about that player individually, to me. It would strike me as odd if the Pats outright cut him (I haven't dug into his contract and pay structure to see if it makes financial sense) but based on how Gordon has handled himself, cleaned up, and performed moderately well, other teams would absolutely be calling. I would expect them to trade him if at all possible. However, I want to reiterate. I don't think Gordon's heart is in football. When I watch him play, I see very little effort, desire, or enthusiasm. The problem is, and haters this is your quotable comment for trolling, Josh Gordon, even just going through the motions, is still a WR3 or Flex player in fantasy. On a team that would feed him, he has legit WR2 in my opinion. This isn't hype or exaggeration, I'm talking about what I've seen on the field from him and the production it's resulted in. Josh Gordon doesn't really want to play football in my mind, he just knows that it's the shortest path from A to B to get what he needs in life (money). I honestly think Gordon is treating football, like an 8-5 job that many of us do. Go in, do the absolute minimum to stay off anyone's radar, collect that check, and go on with our lives. It is my personal opinion that Josh Gordon is holdable, pick-up-able, and that if he were to be traded, he will still be fantasy relevant this season. If he were to be cut, he WOULD get picked up by an NFL team, and not just be relevant, but likely more relevant than he was with the Pats, due to the likelihood of a target increase.
  8. A deeper strategy play here... CJ Anderson. For those of you with no FAAB, bad waiver position, or who miss out on the other pick ups, CJA is a sneaky add. Sure, he's a long shot, but he already knows the Lions offense, showed rather well in preseason and decently in regular season. Yes he got cut, but often times that can be due to lack of special teams, or simple not matching up as a true 'change of pace' to the starter. We've seen this before, when the starter goes down, the backup keeps their job, and the team finds a replacement to fill the original role, rather than force a square peg into a round hole. I'm not down playing TyJohnson, I'm not predicting CJA leads the backfield, I'm just saying... in the past I've been able to sneak some valuable adds, by getting the free option everyone overlooks for the alleged 'next in line'. Hold for a few days, see if they pick him up in the next few days, and move on by Sunday if not.
  9. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/27898684/wr-odell-beckham-jr-fined-14k-not-wearing-pants-cover-knees The interesting aspect, to me, is I did a google search to see the 'infraction'. While it does appear to be accurate, what stood out was 90% of the pictures of him on the Giants, appears to be the exact same. I'm not an OBJ defender in the least, but this seems ridiculous. Rules are rules, fine, I get that, but this seems like a petty revenge fine to make a point, rather than a legitimate enforcement of the rules. Meanwhile, refs are out here completely destroying games on a weekly basis, with no repercussions.
  10. Why is the Bears onside Kick Recovery, not scored as a Turnover? Anyone run into this in the past? Is a potential stat correction coming, or is that the proper handling?
  11. Pats defense has the same strategy every game, every year, for as long as I can remember. To take away the #1 weapon of their opponent, and force you to beat them with something else. That weapon is Bell, hands down. Pats Passing Defense is so good, they don't have to focus any attention on Darnold. I can't imagine more than a handful of draft scenarios where you aren't starting Bell regardless of matchup. He'll be in my lineup this week (every week) and I'm just praying for dump offs for a PPR game or a lucky fall into the end zone. Not getting my hopes up, not pretending he won't be bottled up for 90% of this game, and definitely not panicking or letting sheep pretend a bad outing vs the Pats means anything for his ROS outlook. Lock the thread until next week, there's nothing to discuss. Play him, take what he gets, and don't let the results alter your opinion of Bell moving forward.
  12. The only problem with <strategy of choice> is that people think it universally works, with complete disregard for the NFL landscape, no matter the year. I've been discussing it for the past 3 years, now, so here's just a quick reminder. The NFL talent pool is an ebb and flow. RB early dominated for roughly a decade, when AP, Foster, Ray Rice, Marshawn, Jamaal Charles, Matt Forte, LeSean McCoy were riding the prime years of their careers. But that era ended, or at least dwindled, in the ~2015 range. At the same exact time, is when the WR era was rising and peaking. MegaTron, Julio, AJ Green, Brandon Marshall, Demaryius Thomas, Antonio Brown, OBJ were all killing it. Now here we are in 2019 and the momentum has swung the other way again. Elite RBs like Bell, DJ, Cook, Barkley, Zeke, CMC, Kamara, and Gurley have taken over the scene, and the careers of multiple of the WRs (not all) above have faded or ended, and very few WRs have stepped up to replace them. Any given year there will be a few RB or WRs who still hold it down, even when the opposite position dominates the first two rounds. The issue is, assuming that a draft strategy is, or can be successful, regardless of the NFL talent pool and fantasy landscape. Not all strategies are universal year to year. Zero RB or Zero WR, only work if there are players in the draft that make the theory feasible. I don't care what strategy you employ, but it has to be based, judged, and measured, against the reality of what is, or isn't, available on draft day. More importantly than anything, it doesn't matter what strategy you employ, if you don't apply the right players to your strategy. Every year when I decide how I want to build or draft my fantasy team, I open up an ADP draft board, and mark every player I like or want to own. Then I analyze the realistic possibility of what it would take, to land as many of those players as possible. Compare it to what positions I'm likely to end up with in each round and how that would make my roster look with each subsequent successful draft pick. The vast majority of my draft prep, is simply knowing who I like and exploiting their ADP. Knowing who to like is the hard part, exploiting ADP is the easy part.
  13. Decent stat line against NE in my opinion. Glad I benched, but he's an easy start for me moving forward, until proven otherwise, QB, offense, and coach be damned.
  14. Benching this week, because NE specializes in taking away a team's #1 option. After that, I don't care who he plays, sans MAYBE Buffalo. but but but DVOA... The same DVOA that ranks Chicago 3rd? Terry had 6/70/1 19 points against them. The same DVOA that ranks Dallas 15th? Terry had 5/62/1 17.2 points against them. I understand the injury concern, but as an owner of Hilton, Landry, and Sanders... oh well. Colt McCoy isn't special but has a long history of force feeding his #1 target. I'm more concerned about Haskins, honestly. Terry currently has the 5th highest PPG average among all WRs. Missed a week, and I expect it to drop if he plays NE this week, but worth mentioning regardless. Calling him droppable in 12 teams, might be top 5 most ignorant claims I've seen of 2019 so far. I'm not confident I could give you 15 WRs I'd rather own than Terry moving forward. I would rank and value him as a top 15 WR for rest of season until proven otherwise. Maybe Haskins or his Hamstring ruin that down the road, but for now I'm not overly concerned. I wouldn't be opposed to trading him away due to uncertainty, IF I could get at least WR2 value from him. So Him being a WR2 + a lesser RB for a RB upgrade, or similar for a WR1, etc.