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  1. Wouldn't Snell still make 1/2 of his 2020 Salary if they played 82 games instead of 162 ? 3.5 Million vs. full salary of 7 Mill ? ..... I hope he is in the minority here. Risk yes, but no fans and earning Approx $42,683 per ballgame is nothing to sneeze at. And he would have to pitch only once every 5 days. (16 times) not counting playoffs.
  2. Bo Bichette (ADP #69) combination of HR / SB outperforms Manny Machado (ADP #54)
  3. 1/16 with the 16th Pick in the Draft 2/12 yahoo league 2/10 Big Money League 8/10 in the Auction League I Commish in (lol) Nice Haul over all, but I had a chance to take first in those 2nd place leagues with way too many points left on my bench.
  4. Down 10 points - Have Viking DST left, and he has Theilen. Going to be a long shot. in 1 league. League 2 - We are even, he has Diggs going and I have Boone ready to roll. League 3 - Already won. 16 team league and I had the 16th Draft Spot, Woot!!!!! May the odds be ever in your favor.
  5. Worst Waiver Add/Drop I made all season long, and just when it 2 leagues - d'oh! This guy averaged 11+ points each of the last 5 weeks or so.
  6. Success! Was a close one as Brees just kept tossing to Thomas, ended up pulling it out by 8 after they rested the starters in the 4th Quarter. Championships in 3 / 4 leagues this year, WooT!
  7. Up by 35. I have Clutch Lutz left, he has Michael Thomas, Jared Cook and Marlon Mack. Gonna to be a close one....:fingers crossed:
  8. Aaron Rodgers, Carson Wentz and Jacoby Brisett (3 Leagues) Home game should have a playoff atmosphere v Texans
  9. Same Here - in 2 Leagues v. Lamar Jackson of all opposing QB's to face in first round of playoffs. Good Luck Fella's - Go Birds !!!
  10. Lost out on the last playoff spot in the league I run by 30 points overall. I had James White and his 37 points sitting on my bench this week. D'oh !!! Made playoffs in my other 3 leagues, including 1 with a bye. Always sucks when you don't make the playoffs in the league you run though.
  11. Went with him over Jarvis Landry, stupid last minute swap and still won thanks to Ingram's 2 TD's last night. Horrible Offense to watch, almost as bad as my Eagles! I think it might be Blake Bortles time to shine.
  12. Took Jarvis Landry out of my Flex Spot last Minute (and his 32 points) for Cooper Kupp. Kupp better find that damn end zone tonight!
  13. Rolling the Dice this week....have 2 other good options in Parker and Laundry, but feeling he gets back on track MNF (hopefully) Any one else feeling some Kupp love ?
  14. For Perspective, in between Rodgers and Carr at Jets this weekend. CBS has Carr favored with 16 points compared to 13 points projected currently in our scoring system.