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  1. ^^^^ Thinking the Same Thing. This guy can go on hot runs so I scooped him in one league. Time will tell if it lasts. Like him in the 4 spot so far.
  2. ^^^ agreed. Had to drop Jo Adell for this same reason. Lot's of "Minor Leaguers" in this situation that are not carrying the m (minors) tag in CBS. Makes for some tougher than needed roster decisions.
  3. Curious about this as well. We have 2 Minor league spots in CBS league I would like to utilize with Jo Adell and Spencer Howard but neither show the m indication like Nate Pearson currently carries. Hope they are both updated in the next day or two so I can hit the waivers prior to season start.
  4. Anything to see here with the shortened season ? Trying to figure out why CBS has Tucker ranked as the 33rd OF Overall. Looks like he will back up JJ Reddick in RF to start the season...and his projections from CBS Sportsline look like 7 HR / 19 RBIs / 3 SBs / .288 AVG I was desperate to fill my 6th OF Spot last night and grabbed him, just trying to justify the pick or should I look to toss him back to waivers....
  5. As a Phils Fan, watching the Braves continue to Scoop Em year after year, I predict this is where Puig will end up this year.
  6. Folks Thoughts on Bohm maybe DHing / Subbing in at 3rd Based a bit for the Phils in this abridged season ?
  7. Would Love to see My Phightin Phils sign this guy, but they will probably stand pat. He could play the OF and DH against Righties if need be. (which is a hole the phils have) Have him stashed in the one league that has drafted so far.
  8. 80 Games - 65-75% Pro Rated Salary might get it done.
  9. Pretty Happy this guy fell to the Phils at the 15 Spot in Last Night's Draft. Looks like he has some nice potential, and he even received a Facetime call from Bryce Harper Last night. Abel, a 6-foot-5 right-hander whose fastball touched 100 mph in a recent workout, was the player that they wanted when their turn came up midway through the first round. “Mick is a pitcher that I’ve known for over two years now and just one that I fell in love with the very first time that I ever saw him,” first-year Phillies scouting director Brian Barber said. “Super excited to have the opportunity to select him.”
  10. Wouldn't Snell still make 1/2 of his 2020 Salary if they played 82 games instead of 162 ? 3.5 Million vs. full salary of 7 Mill ? ..... I hope he is in the minority here. Risk yes, but no fans and earning Approx $42,683 per ballgame is nothing to sneeze at. And he would have to pitch only once every 5 days. (16 times) not counting playoffs.
  11. Bo Bichette (ADP #69) combination of HR / SB outperforms Manny Machado (ADP #54)
  12. 1/16 with the 16th Pick in the Draft 2/12 yahoo league 2/10 Big Money League 8/10 in the Auction League I Commish in (lol) Nice Haul over all, but I had a chance to take first in those 2nd place leagues with way too many points left on my bench.
  13. Down 10 points - Have Viking DST left, and he has Theilen. Going to be a long shot. in 1 league. League 2 - We are even, he has Diggs going and I have Boone ready to roll. League 3 - Already won. 16 team league and I had the 16th Draft Spot, Woot!!!!! May the odds be ever in your favor.