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  1. We had an owner drop out last minute. I would like to fill if possible. $200 entry. Slow snake draft on CBS draft room. 12 category roto. Dave 909-499-2718 fearthemunky@yahoo.com
  2. Slow snake using CBS Draft Room and Website. $250 Entry. There are two paylines, basically two games in one. $100 goes toward a straight points scoring system $100 goes toward a modified H2H scoring system $25 goes into a playoff pool side pot $25 goes toward a weekly prize pot Call/Text/Email for details: 909-499-2718 or fearthemunky@yahoo.com We use both IDP and team defense Scoring system is based on yardage and touchdowns, with bonuses for big plays and big games (e.g. 100 yds rushing)