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  1. I'm an Aussie and don't get to see or hear the games, but what the hell happened today? I guess 3-35 means that Lamb's side was smashed, but did the QB just hand off every time? Bloody hell, it's hard to take when i had the Diontae Johnson dominating on the pine.
  2. Didn't realise it was 3 early fouls. But still reckon the refs blow a lot harder on the youngsters compared to the untouchables who wouldn't get called for a foul in a blue fit.
  3. 'Not starting' is Bro Lo apparently. maybe they could expand that to just say 'Not playing'. I think that's the second time he's 'not started' or otherwise has taken close to half time before we're advised he's actually not playing. Not like he gets over-used at the best of times anyway.
  4. Yeah Walton....might actually be an idea to play your premier scorer a bit more than a handful of minutes rather than the journeymen types like Bazemore et al. That way your side might not fall almost 20 down and Buddy might keep you in the game a bit earlier!!
  5. Yep, my waiver curse strikes again. Not a skerrick of suggestion he had any sort of niggle, but yep, he's out. To add insult to injury, the side i play has Doncic too.
  6. Well, 1-18 down at least it's not Buddy's fault.
  7. There isn't really, but he still isn't starting. Makes a lot of sense eh?
  8. Can anybody explain how the promising young player last week turned into a foul-prone absolute disaster on the weekend with just 27 minutes of hot garbage, and then comes back against a strong Miami side and does this? Maybe i lack patience but those two inexplicable foul-prone low minute disasters saw me release him....oh, and yep, here he goes. Gnash!!
  9. I dropped him, he's just not really doing it at this stage. Very low usage, i mean just a single dish? Cruddy game.
  10. So, if a bloke has had one touch of the basketball (for one successful 2pt shot) in 12 minutes out of a scoreline of 49-50....would his usage be that just infinitesimally more than the average fan in the crowd? Basically, is Mikal hiding in a corner playing hide and seek?
  11. Worked well eh? Down 30-13 in the blink of an eye. Oh, and someone kind of get on McCollum too. Only hope might be that if it's a blowout then the 'starters' in Maker and Doom Loop might be required to sit for the benchies.
  12. I guess coupled with the blowout, you had just about everyone including the coaches and waterboys playing in this by games end, 13 from each side!! Just a bit of a bummer that he missed all his shots, seven dishes is something however i so needed a few steals and treys...although i know Dejounte isn't really a major trey-shooter. Obviously S.A are all fit and firing at this point...question is how long that lasts with oldies like Gay and LaMarcus in a season that's heading south might be another matter.
  13. Can't help think that refereeing is vital with some players. Noticed he had the old 'double whistle' early on, two fouls in the first 3 minutes of the game, he's hauled off then for a fair bit of the first half. Sadly he's missed all six shots, has a couple of turns now and is along with the starters all in the minuses. Hope he gets back on later, but so often the early two fouls seems to put a player on the wrong foot and it often takes a fair bit to get back in the game properly. I of course picked him up again just in time for this awful start but he has too much talent to be this bad surely. His reecent form has been very good. OKC with three very good guards in SGA, CP3 and Schroeder probably are a bit of a handful too.
  14. Ultra low usage but 4 stl and a block is good.