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  1. Gnash, added 5 minutes of court time but must be watching the game with the fans, as no stats added. Wood and Spellman were talked about big time a few days ago, but like Boucher a few weeks earlier, suddenly the path to minutes seems very crowded.
  2. Have to hang on a game or two longer, but 8 minutes isn't ideal. What sucked the most was that because he was a GTD already, that moniker stayed with him all game, so it seemed to suggest he went off with an injury early perhaps. Could just be the typical jinx i bring to some players when i pluck them off the wires.
  3. I feel your pain, those blokes were on my list as well. Big holes to fill with the big men getting injured like this.
  4. I probably jinxed both Omari and 'The Tyre' in Kleber, with this frustrating blowout type game where neither player added anything to their 3/4 time scores. Will hold on, as both have delivered numbers in all areas before. But a bit cheesed that neither got a block today. At least F/T's and T/O's were clean.
  5. I'm playing a coach whose long time favourite player was Chauncey Billups back in the day. I didn't anticipate that Billup's F/T skills would be transferred to a career 60-odd percentage type bloke like T.T. He's been peerless from the line this week.
  6. In a side that regularly scores 120+ points, his disappearances in some games is hard to fathom. Five shots, of which he hits one, although at least he got 9 boards, and one steal. But as an owner of Bro Lo what probably annoys me more is the absolute absence of any blurbs when he has games like this. He won blocks for me last week, this week i can't buy a block.
  7. Had him earlier in the year, dropped him when he had his neck injury, but was picked up by another team and he did well for a while longer. That side dropped him after a couple of quieter games, but i picked Marcus back up again for these last two games, and am very happy indeed, especially as a PF/C. Well done to him too, career high score at his age 30-season, and really you con't do to much more than he's done so far. The Knicks aren't much of a team but he's been far and away their best performed player all season. Good work Marcus.
  8. It was odd how in his last game with 2 of 12 he said he wasn't sure about his offensive role. Hit 5 or 6 of the 12 shots and he'd have had quite an important role, but 2 of 12 for a centre-type player is pretty mediocre stuff.
  9. I did the same. Right after i did Holmes had that 4 pt 5 reb dud, but since then aside from maybe one mediocre game, he's been excellent, and his great shooting from both disciplines and handy trickle of steals and blocks with low turnovers, i've won out in that trade even with Turner himself improving markedly.
  10. Obviously it must mean little that fellow centres Gasol and PF/C Siakam remain out, as the Bouch again gets just 15-ish minutes which isn't time enough to do too much, although at least he snagged a block and two steals. Ibaka notwithstanding, who else stands in his way? IN my 10-teamer the only thing keeping him on my roster is the promise he has shown when given 23 minutes or more, and the paucity of big men on the wires.
  11. I reckon he's one of those blokes who can double his production with 50% more time, there's a big correlation i think between what some players may produce with 24 rather than 16 minutes. Today sadly not too much in his 19 minutes, and it's a bit like me when i had Brandon Clarke, you know he delivers with time, but had to drop him in our 10-teamer because he wasn't getting a go. It's a bit surprising with two bigs (Gasol and Siakam) out he's still slated for a fairly minor amount of time, Toronto must just be one of those sides thats as deep as the Marianas Trench with players if losing those two stalwarts liberates so few minutes for Boucher.
  12. He's flown under the radar for so long, it was a shock to see him hit the waivers in our 10-teamer a couple of days ago. Has his role changed or reduced at Phi since he came back from his little injury rest? Philly have a stacked side with Embiid, Simmons, Harris as well as J-Rich, is Horford now just pretty much a role player chipping in doing the team thing, which may not correspond with a fantasy game? Going by his last week or two's output, he's seems just a bit part player nowadays.
  13. His usage seems about the same as most front row fans have in terms of catching an errant pass at this stage, he only seems to acquire the ball by rebound or steal. I'm sure he's of better value to the Spurs if they involves him somewhat more. In answer to the points league query, if usage is what scores, then he's not your bloke. In my 10-teamer and doing well in steals anyway i may need to look to someone who is more involved in the game for their side.
  14. I'm less sanguine about this half time outcome. Blowout city, Bro Lo with 4 missed shots, a couple of boards and a solitary block. If Milwaukee haven't complete Fed-exed this result in already, he's not likely to see too much more time to add to this dud. Which he does tend to do now and then, but a thoroughly disappointing outcome from a side that up till now has been almost the best performed in the comp.
  15. Hmm....I'm not as hard on you as others may. I am a Shai owner, and if his last three games (which i was kind of hoping he'd be like this whole season) is what he starts to produce regularly, that's top 30 stuff there. LMA, he's old and playing for a Spurs side that for the first time in Pop's life is not that good....i'm not sure Pop knows how to coach an ordinary side, so as long as he's fit, and he's been remarkably durable all his career, he'll still be who he is. I traded away Turner 2 weeks ago for Richaun Holmes, which exactly corresponds with him waking up from his 6 week torpor this year into the 3 and D stud i expected him to be...again his last couple of weeks he's been top 25-30 material. Markannen i haven't followed, but he's better than Rondo. Put it this way, if you get the recent output of the three guys named initially, i think you'll be OK as they are a lot better than whatever the wire would have. Harden is in a class of his own, but your depth has improved (if they maintain their recent form). I tend to think they will, as Turner and Shai were unbelievably poor for a lot of the year so far. You conceded the best player by far, but have at least not given them up for a hill of beans. FWIW, in our 10-team league, i don't think any coach has won the 'Chip since the 2004-05 season when we first started the league with Harden on the final roster. Yes i know Harden only started playing in 2010.