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  1. Anderson Samuel Hardman and Robinson should be FA
  2. 9th year of this league, one owner was not able to play this year. All other 11 owners are paid up! You must be able to pay right away via Leaguesafe **VERY COMPETITIVE LEAGUE** $100 via Leaguesafe 12 team PPR Snake draft September 4th 8:15pm EST QB - RB - RB - WR - WR - TE - FL - K - DST League settings: If you're interested, email me at FIRST COME FIRST SERVE
  3. I'm not for vetoing unless there's collusion involved. However, when there's a trade so heavily lopsided, like this one, I think you have no choice but to veto. Allowing such terrible trades to go through will ruin the integrity of your league. You can no longer draw the line on any trade. 5 for 2 trades shouldn't even be allowed. Not only is he getting the 2 best players by a long shot, but he also gets to pick up 3 FA
  4. I'd go Pinder. You know what you're gonna get with the other guys. Pinder is a young player that has the most upside.
  5. My bad, it's at 9cst. You can draft from your phone like me look