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  1. The open team has been claimed and paid for. We are now at full capacity. Good luck to all this upcoming season!
  2. After discussing with league members and the league's tri-commissioners, we have agreed to offer a new owner either of the following entry fee options: 1. Pay Year 1 in full: $125; 2. 50% Year 1 Discount: $62.50 with 100% NON-REFUNDABLE 2021 pre-payment ($125). 2021 balance will be rolled over to MLB 2021 in LeagueSafe once LeagueSafe sets up their 2021 MLB game. If you do not return for the 2021 season, the payment will remain in the 2021 LeagueSafe balance so that we may offer your replacement owner a free 2021 season. Our preference is obviously that a smart committed owner will remain in the league and commit to an intelligent rebuild strategy. Who knows? You might even win some 2020 prize money if you acquire the right superstar players in our 2020 auction draft!
  3. No question the previous owner let this team go. Ghosted it since June and that's why he got the boot. Failed to cash in terrific trade chips on expiring contracts - Mike Trout, H Ryu, Blackmon, etc - that could've set this team up for long term success. Whoever takes over this squad will need to know his/her stuff, be active, and probably will have to swing a few deals this offseason for future assets. In my experience, discounts never work out. In the past, I've given 3 first year discounts or "first year free" with a promise to return for a second year. Not a single one of them returned for year 2 and not a single one of them remained active throughout the full discounted/full season. There was no incentive for these guys to remain active. Owners hunting for discounts use those leagues as practice drafts and the second that their team takes a turn for the worse, they bounce. The only scenario that we'd be willing to give a discount is if the new owner prepays for future years in advance...something like 2020 discounted 50% after full non-refundable 2021 payment. League finances are handled on LeagueSafe with majority league vote required to allocate winnings, so no systematic issue prepaying for future years. But I'm not sure the discount hunters want to pay anything at all and because our league is very competitive, we are unwilling to open up a spot to an owner just using our league as draft research for other leagues.
  4. of my very favorite things about fantasy baseball is finding terrific mid to late round draft value for players that inexperienced owners deem to be "old". Please continue to let the hype crowd reach for and chase those younger players!! 😀
  5. Have gotten a few nibbles but no firm commitment yet. Serious inquiries from active and experienced fantasy owners only please.
  6. Hi Jordan, We have 1 open team in our 12-team H2H Points League on Fantrax. Our league is a contract league though (1-5 year extensions @ +$2/yr) so not sure if that is what you're looking for or not. And while the MLB roster is rough (previous owner neglect), it does have some nice pieces to work with. Luis Robert, AJ Puk, plus a few other decent prospects along with surplus valued Donaldson and Brantley. This team also has the #1 pick in our MiLB prospect slow draft. We have a very active trading league - most trade talk done on Slack - with trades being processed in real-time (no voting window). You are also able to trade for/away prospect draft picks and +/- $15 MLB auction dollars to assist in the rebuild. More info in my posting below. The full roster and all prospects are copy/pasted into the comments thread since I was told by a few guys that the attachment did not work. If you're interested, shoot me a message and we can coordinate sending you a copy of our League Charter for you to peruse as well. If not interested, no worries whatsoever. Best of luck either way!
  7. We have 1 opening in our 12-team H2H Points League on Fantrax. Please see the posting below. If you're interested, shoot me a message. No worries if you're not interested. Best of luck either way!
  8. We have 1 opening in our 12-team H2H Points League on Fantrax. Please see posting below. If interested, shoot me a message. No worries if not interested. Best of luck either way!
  9. We have 1 unowned team in our league but it's Fantrax and 12 teams. Very active trading league on Slack though and the ability to trade for additional prospect draft picks and/or MLB auction dollars as you see fit. More info in the posting below. No worries if not interested. Best of luck either way!
  10. Thanks for your advice but we will not be giving any "first year free" discounts. We are looking for a good knowledgable owner and a long-term fit. Free years or discount years are short term solutions and most of those owner types who accept "first year free" discounts leave the league after the first year anyway. Make no mistake, it's a rebuild roster but as mentioned earlier, there are plenty of studs available in our auction draft and this owner has a full auction draft budget with the ability to trade for +$15 auction dollars. With a good approach, a good owner can compete and finish in our top 6 to qualify for a playoff spot. Then with a H2H format, anyone can win!
  11. Yup, the roster is rough. Any owner can take over a good roster and they may or may not win. We are admittedly looking for an owner who really knows his/her baseball and who will be active in our trade market. Most importantly, we are looking for an owner who is up for a rebuilding challenge (personally, I enjoy taking over garbage rosters and turning them into competitive teams!). We are a very active trading league (trades in our league do NOT go through a vote window; all are processed in real-time) and we all know and love baseball. It's a fun league - we are all active and talk trades throughout the year (even offseason) on Slack or other means so the replacement owner should not have any difficulty finding trade partners. The team also has the 1st pick in our Minor League Draft and the ability to acquire addition prospect draft picks and/or MLB auction budget dollars. We are also discussing a few rule changes and among them will be opening up the waiver wire at some point this winter for all MLB level players who are not under an expired 2019 contract . So there is some opportunity there to make some immediate changes. Last, we have several superstar players whose contracts expired after the 2019 season and who will be available in our 2020 auction. Those players include all of the following: Trout, Kluber, Ryu, Blackmon, LeMahieu, Strasburg, Clevinger, Snell, Greinke, Bauer, Benintendi, M Olson, Trea and Justin Turner, Machado, Bryant, Didi, Votto, Cruz, Gallo, Realmuto, Pham, Mazara, Villar, Suarez, E Escobar, Semien, Muncy, etc. So there is definitely opportunity here for a savvy owner to acquire some studs and compete in 2020 OR trade off some pieces for future assets.