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  1. Won my league despite taking him 2nd. Obviously a disappointing year when looking at it this way but would i be surprised if he finished #1 overall next year? Not really. I think he has as good of a chance as anyone not named Trout
  2. suck it up and play.. didn't seem to bother him when he hit a HR
  3. Don't see anything wrong with people providing information on potential callups before they happen. Some of us play in competitive leagues where guys gets added as soon as there is a hint of a potential call up. Sometimes a week in advance to it actually happening. So yea I too will ask, are there any particular intriguing pitchers that might get a few starts in September
  4. at this point im just hoping he is saving it up for a hot september run where he carries me throughout the playoffs. Certainly capable of it
  5. and that is why you don't want to drop the guy.. the stuff is filthy if he can control it
  6. I'm hesitating.. Dodgers are on fire and their best hitters are lefties. Berrios is a guy that makes his living dominating righties
  7. Will this guy ever get a favourable matchup.. i've had him for a month plus and I think I have started him once or twice
  8. it is annoying because all of his 4 outs so far have been K's so the potential is definitely there. Its just how long can you wait if you are trying to set your roster up for the playoffs and you are in a non dynasty league
  9. Probably dropping him the moment i found someone to pick up.. I'm in a bit of a roster crunch and the guy is my only droppable player. Only 1 good start in 5 and it came against the A's and even in that one he walked 3. I was hoping for some magic straight out of the DL but it looks like its going to take some time and its most likely not happening this year
  10. not sure how I feel about Robertson going to the Yankees but he might get more Hlds/sv as the Yankees 7th inning guy than he would closing for the Sox the rest of the season
  11. and the Yankees never believed in Chris Carter.. i'm sure if they gave him 600 ABs like the brewers he would have approached 40 HRs and hit .200
  12. yes please.. Alonso at Yankees stadium and AL East ball parks if this happens.. it wouldn't surprise me if hes a top 10 1B or better the rest of the year
  13. That is why you always take the guy with stuff. If he can manage a respectable walk rate, the dude is tough to hit
  14. yes they do but not when their stuff is the same as its been in previous years