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  1. True, but who knows how far back they’ll be by the time Lauri, Otto and Wendell get back.
  2. I think JJ is a great fit as a facilitator in the 2nd unit. Juancho's floor spacing is more valuable to the first unit as they already have guys who can make plays out there.
  3. Yup. The rest of the team is awful. Zach is the only reason why they aren't dead last. I just hope he can continue the good attitude because losing every night when you're the only player worth a damn has to be frustrating.
  4. I think you can get more for Jokic as well. I would ask for Kemba + a big (or a similar combo) to get back some of Jokic’s boards/blocks. I don’t feel that Covington is enough to complete that deal. Personally, I’d hold onto Jokic unless you get a deal that you can’t refuse.
  5. Who would you rather have rest of season, Derozan or Ayton and why? Standard 9cat H2H. Leave a link and I’ll help.
  6. Each cat, sorry should’ve mentioned that.
  7. 2 spots left! First to pay, first to play. Let me know if you’re interested. - Kevin
  8. 20 team ESPN H2H/9 cat redraft league drafting at 8:45 pm EST on 10/12. Standard settings, 2 IR spots etc. $30 via leaguesafe majority vote. Been doing this for years, everyone will vouch for my credibility. If interested message me on here or email me directly at kevkauchak@yahoo.com Only 4 spots left and filling up fast.
  9. Message me details. Can’t open from the link for some reason.
  10. Sorry, should’ve mentioned this is a re-draft league.
  11. I've got 2 different leagues running this year on ESPN. Both are 20 team leagues with standard sized rosters, 9cat/H2H daily leagues with 2 IR spots.Standard 7 moves/week, 8 teams make the playoffs with 2 week matchups. Buy in is $30 in each league through leaguesafe with majority approval. We are about half full in each league. It's first to pay, first to play. League #1 is a snake draft on 10/12 @ 8:45 PM EST League #2 is an auction draft on 10/19 @ 8:45 PM EST. Shoot me a message on here or you can email me at kevkauchak@yahoo.com Thanks, Kevin
  12. I would personally rather have Green since Toronto will be fighting for playoff positioning all year. Ariza will be a shutdown candidate if Phoenix doesn't move him.
  13. I don’t know how many of y’all have actually seen Muscala play, but he’s a natural Center. I don’t know why they are even attempting to put him as a PF in today’s NBA. He will get eaten alive in smaller lineups. Chandler is the much better fit at the 4. I own neither Chandler or Muscala, just trying to be an unbiased voice of reason.
  14. Probable for tonight... Excited to see what he can do.
  15. Finally got to watch him play the other night. He looks like a smaller, less skilled version of his father. It's funny because their movements and body language are very similar. GRIII just doesn't have the size and ball handling that his pops had.
  16. Scooped him in my 20 teamer, hoping he sticks with the first unit and getting 27-30 mpg. Didn't realize how bad Stanley Johnson was until I watched the game last night. That dude is trash.
  17. I'm all in on Demarre. Hoping he returns tonight!
  18. Just saw he should be back soon, possibly tomorrow night. He has always put up serviceable numbers when healthy and given minutes, but Brooklyn has a ton of options at the 3 & 4 spots. Any guesses as to how things will play out when he returns?
  19. Demarre Carroll sounds like he could be back real soon, possibly tomorrow. Its a crowded wing situation in Brooklyn so it'll be interesting to see how the minutes play out, but Demarre always puts up serviceable lines when given minutes.
  20. I am in a 20 team league, so adding him is a no-brainer, however, I think he's more of a 14+ team add right now.