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  1. The Rays are actually more aggressive today than they were previously with regards to prospects and they’ve been very aggressive with Franco starting him at rookie ball and moving him two levels last season. He isn’t your typical prospect and should be treated as such.
  2. Baz has wicked good stuff. If he ever harnesses it fully, watch out. That trade single handily changed the fortune’s is the Rays.
  3. Senior season he had over 1,300 yards and 12 TDs and went for over 200 yards against Auburn in the Outback bowl. NextGen gives him the 9th best odds of any player in the draft of becoming a pro bowl player.
  4. Normally I wouldn’t say to get hyped about a 5th round pick but this cat is different. Was a ridiculously productive and standout player at Minnesota that somehow fell far into the draft due to lack of measurable. I fully expect him o win the 3rd WR spot in Tampa’s offense and I bet Brady falls in love with the dude. Definitely one to keep an eye on.
  5. Rojo also had tons of big runs called back last season due to penalties. I feel like he is getting to the point where people just like to crap on him because of his rookie season and not look at the massive improvement made. Dude was very solid last season.
  6. If his ceiling is Robinson Cano with more speed and he sticks at shortstop, nobody better be disappointed in that. That would make him a top 5 player in both fantasy and real life due to his position.
  7. There is no comp for Franco, honestly. He has crazy elite bat control and crazy hand/eye coordination to go with all world plate discipline. He’s like Ichiro, but with the ability to walk more than he strikes out and 20-25+ HR potential. I think he has the bat speed and wrists to hit for elite power but unless he changes his swing I don’t see it happening. Why would you change his swing, though, when he is so damn elite already?
  8. Isn’t Wander only a 66? Lol, they got some explaining to do.
  9. I’d buy any ex-Orioles pitcher. That franchise flat out is a curse for pitching prospects.
  10. Ended up 1-4 with a sharp line drive single and scoring a run his last AB. All in all, I was impressed. Strasburg is absolutely nasty, so not worried or surprised about the strikeout in that AB. And it took him 6 pitches to punch Wander out, and he laid off some nasty pitches in the sequence before that. Second AB went 7 pitches as well. Basically he showed that even at this level he has the ability to recognize pitches and be selective and not chase. No doubt in my mind the kid is going to be a stud.
  11. Dude went to school at College of Central Florida in Ocala in my little podunk part of the world. Crazy to think about.
  12. Will be getting into some games this week against MLB competition. Can’t wait to see how he performs.
  13. I wish I had the time to post like I used to, I would have loved to try to resurrect that site, with his permission of course. The crystal balls were always my favorite. As a Devil Rays/Rays fan that’s all I ever had to look forward to was the future.
  14. Minorleagueball on sbnation was THE best community for prospects, bar none. I had been a member since 2005 in there and used to post quite frequently. I miss that site and I miss Sickels’ work. Sucks, man.
  15. Food for thought: This franchise, at a point in time, had Griffey, Jr., A-Rod, Edgar Martinez, and Randy Johnson on the same team and never even sniffed a World Series appearance much less a win.