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  1. If he ends up as good as most people think he will be, he will be in the lineup everyday. The Rays only get cute with their lineup when they need to. If Wander is that prodigious a hitter, he will be in there every day.
  2. Depends on if he adjusts his swing or not. Right now he hits too many grounders for a huge HR total, but we know he has the wrists and bat speed for it. Still, if he reaches his ceiling and is a yearly guy who hits over .300, with good speed, 30 HRs, and more walks than strikeouts who plays a premium position, that’s a top five player in baseball. That’s what I put Wander’s ceiling at. I think he could win a few batting titles in his prime, his hit tool is that good.
  3. Nobody is saying he is going to be as good as A-Rod by any stretch of the imagination, just that a lot of people think he is the best prospect at that position since him. I personally see him as a 20-25 HR guy who walks more than he strikes out and hits .300+ in his prime all while playing a premium position. That’s his ceiling to me, and that’s a damn good ceiling to have.
  4. Simple, you move Franco’s bat elsewhere to get him in the lineup. Adames is a terrific defensive SS, so you don’t take him out of the lineup, you simply move Franco to 3B. Joey Wendle is their guy there right now and he isn’t anything special.
  5. Lol, yes. The Rays’ offense is average at best. If Franco is the best SS prospect since A-Rod and an 80 grade hit tool, which I lot of people think he is on both fronts, he will be an everyday player. Dude has the potential to be a top 5 player in the game.
  6. You thought the 10 run first meltdown last season against the Carda was bad? Braves are like, we can do even better!
  7. Not denying that but Glasnow was striking out an absurd amount of batters even before this game. Dude had some control issues early on probably exacerbated by the lack of a full spring and now that he’s found his groove he is dominating everyone.
  8. Dude is a badass. Look past the ERA for a second and look at the peripherals and massive K rate. Dude is like a modern right handed version of Randy Johnson but instead of a slider he throws a wicked curve. 34 IP 57 K. Sawed through the Yankees last night.
  9. Make that 28 IP 48 K after he struck out the side in the 7th.
  10. Glasnow so far this season: 27 IP and 45 K. Dude is still ridiculously filthy, just needs some luck to turn his way and get some release point issues under control.
  11. What a future the Rays have. No Wander yet, either.
  12. Remember when someone on here called the Rays garbage because they got swept in Baltimore? Lol, good times.
  13. Top catching prospect in Rays system and probably their best catching prospect ever, maybe outside of the great Toby Hall as he was coming up. Was just added to their taxi squad for upcoming road trip. Didn’t put up great numbers last year in the pitching friendly FSL but still managed to post a wRC 104+ and definitely has some thump in his bat. Wouldn’t expect anything at all this season as I doubt he gets much playing time at all, but the Rays don’t exactly have a juggernaut of catchers in front of him in Michael Perez and Zunino. Interesting guy for the future in a position like catcher for dynasty leagues. Could see future 15-20 HR seasons and slash lines of .250/.310/.430 or so.