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  1. Yea with Fournette out. Gotta roll out Rojo, but I could see Cooks having a good game too
  2. Matt Ryan just has better weapons top to bottom, Julio looks like he should play but even if not Ridleys a TD machine, Gage, & Hayden Hurst r plenty of weapons for him & it should be a high scoring MNF affair
  3. I love the trade for you but I doubt he'll accept. Depends on his roster & perception of jrob, ty, and gage but diggs n davante r studs.
  4. very torn, wanna bench Hollywood but that might turn into a shootout. Pls assist & WILL HELP IN RETURN!
  5. VERY torn here, originally went with Hollywood, Kelley & McKinnon, then thought I gotta start Davis & thought about benching McKinnon but now I'm thinking Hollywood should be benched. Completely torn, any help is appreciated!!! WILL HELP IN RETURN, POST LINK!
  6. U think so? I might start Emmanuel Sanders over him now that he's the #1 in NO, definitely a tough spot bc i think Hollywood has a big game too, but Sanders volume is too tempting now
  7. Agreed with dropping Stafford for either Robinson or Kelley, depending on who u thinks more talented but I say Kelley is more talented while Robinson has a slightly better situation currently
  8. Big first half, quiet second half. How u guys feeling about Hollywood in wk2 vs Houston?
  9. I'm really torn here! Any help? I absolutely love Browns upside due to his game breaking speed but Sanders will slide into Michael Thomas's role now & his volume should be massive. Very torn 🤔
  10. Agreed, stay put. Though I'd add Newton if possible. Just not sure who I'd drop. Maybe Diontae though he got a lot of targets, definitely no obvious drop tbh
  11. With the news of Michael Thomas being out I'm leaning towards starting Emanuel Sanders vs a weak LV secondary, as he will become Brees new #1 WR which always pays dividends... then again I love Hollywood Brown too & think he's gonna breakout thisyr. My other WRs are Hop, Ridley, & Juju, so they aren't seeing the bench.... WILL HELP IN RETURN!