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  1. That would just be for doubleheaders, potentially
  2. There are definitely plenty of unanswered questions. I just wonder if there is a way to find an advantage in fantasy, but unfortunately, all we can do is speculate at this point.
  3. So this is me shooting from the hip, but there are a few things that come to my mind... If there are no MILB games this year, won't teams be more likely to call up their more proximal blue chip prospects? Within that, we are used to the contenders rushing their prospects a little more than teams with nothing to lose. I think that could be a little different now. The bad teams might as well go ahead and use their best prospects if things shake out in the direction they seem to be going. Why wouldn't Detroit go ahead and throw out Mize, Skubal and Manning. If Baltimore calls up Adley then why not at least let him DH and catch occasionally...same thing with Bart in San Francisco. In short, I just think things will be very odd and we're going to have to stay on our toes and be flexible.
  4. Fantrax has the biggest player pool, but other than that, I think its terrible. I'm a CBS fan, but that's what I'm used to.
  5. He is now in the CBS system
  6. I think there are worse dirt cheap sleeper options out there. In a roto league, Happ could provide a lot of pop and a few steals. Plus, he's eligible at 2B. I've gone to the well many times and gotten burned, but I do think he's got some potential this year. I agree that losing Madden can help the crazy lineup situations. I added him in a league, but I'm still a bit gun shy about the deal.
  7. Heriberto— I really, really like him! LRod Paredes Dalbec Rocchio
  8. He was the Golden Spikes winner at Mercer in college. Best player in the country. He sure looks good this spring.
  9. Lewis has always had more promise in my eyes than in the eyes of others. He's battled knee issues but he's looking healthy and ready to have a nice year in 2020. He's really not getting much love at all but he might be my favorite sleeper...his ADP on NFBC is right around 400 right now. He's dirt cheap. He's got 3 HRs this spring. He's the definition of a sleeper in my opinion.
  10. Next year isn’t out of the question if he performs like I think he can and will. The good news is that the Reds don’t really have anyone blocking him at SS.
  11. Bomb #2. Sorry gobux— your link didn’t work.
  12. That looks pretty dang good doesn’t it? Those of us that jumped on Jose Israel Garcia might be on to something. He definitely looks the part!
  13. Coach George


    It is a very pitching starved league. I thought the pitching was lousy in this class so I hammered international bats and had to take Abrams when he fell as far as he did. I have a huge stockpile of SP prospects so I used this as a way to rebuild my farm bats. I thought 3rd was the “cat birds seat.” I would’ve been happy with Adley, Vaughn or Dominguez. As the draft approached, I could see that I had a legitimate shot at Abrams who is my #4 player in this class. Im super high on Erick Pena and Luis Matos so I was thrilled to land them in round 2. I’ll happily roll the dice to land Acuna in the 3rd. My only regret was not taking Planez in the 4th...I had a misstep there but don’t hate Bahrain Lora either. I traded for the last pick to take Elijah Tatis...he’s not in the CBS system so that will keep me from having to scour the system to see if he’s been added. Overall, it was was a good draft and worked out about like I expected.