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  1. I have a feeling that I will own a lot of Montas shares as well. He’s certainly someone that jumps off the ADP page for me as far as value is concerned!
  2. Those guys are all super long term upside gambles. I own Orelvis Martinez and should have included him in the top 100. Pena is a guy that I have targeted in my FYPDs. Luis Matos screams potential but all these guys are still emerging and pretty mysterious. I like what I’m hearing about them. Certainly, all 3 of them belong in the “potential fast riser” category.
  3. Hiura is by far their most talented infielder they have. He will play for them every day. My concern is with his 30.7 K% and his 7.2 BB%. He can’t keep those rates and bat over .300. I think his hit tool is pretty good and we will see him adjust. I think we see more walks and less Ks this year but it’s something to monitor.
  4. Honestly, I think I mix in a little bit of the market value and my personal opinion. It’s very important to identify the “fast risers” quickly—even if you just want to use them for trade bait. I’ve been rebuilding a dynasty team for a few years and I ran into more trouble with pitching than I expected. I wanted to be young but that’s hard to do with arms. By nature, these young arms are so volatile and trading for pitching in that league is very, very difficult. My offense looks awesome right now, but my pitching is behind, but should be great later this year and beyond. C- Jansen, Bart, Mejia 1B- Alonso, Bell, Beer, Lewin Diaz 2B- Hiura, Brujan, Cano SS- Bregman, Corey Seager, A. Rosario, Orelvis Martinez, Jose Israel Garcia, Ronny Mauricio, Dansby Swanson 3B- Rendon OF- Betts, Soto, Benintendi, Robles, Braun, Cutch, Kelenic, Kyle Lewis, Jordyn Adams, Jairo Pomeras, Gilberto Jimenez SP- Buehler, Strasburg, Montas, Paddack, Cease, Manaea, Luzardo, T. Walker, Whitley, Gore, Y. Chorinos, Yarbrough, Maeda, Kopech, Deivi Garcia, Kyle Wright, Ian Anderson, Reynaldo Lopez, Matt Manning, Nate Pearson, M. Liberatore, Braxton Garrett, James Kaprielian, Matt Tabor, Luis Medina RP- Osuna, Carlos Martinez, Clase, Karinchak, Betances
  5. Thank you, sir! I put a lot of work in all year long, researching and watching videos. I get to see a few minor league games too...I wish I had a chance to see more. I’ll never let my ego get in the way of the reality of these types of exercises. There is no right or wrong answer when creating a prospect list. We don’t know what’s going to happen. I don’t claim to make the best picks or all the best pickups in my leagues. I do know that I put in a lot of work and enjoy the process. That allows me to make the most educated decisions at any given moment. A lot of times when people say “you are too low on player A” I will agree with them or at least be able to justify why I ranked them where I did. It’s a very subjective exercise that can generate some good discussion. Hopefully we can all learn something and get better. That’s the whole point of coming to a fantasy baseball forum.
  6. I have seen Rocker more than Hancock— but I would make Rocker a very highly ranked prospect immediately. I would say Rocker would be top 20 and Hancock top 40. Torkelson’s bat is the real deal. I guess I’d treat him like Andrew Vaughn with a little more power. I could see him debuting inside the top 10-15.
  7. The guys with check marks are the most boom/bust guys listed.
  8. Yes he’s all about upside and potential and his last name. Pedigree matters in this business, just look at the Blue Jays infield.
  9. Huge news. Still awaiting the return.
  10. I’ve read a few positive reports about Tatis. Plus, his last name is Tatis. I really think he has some upside and potential but he’s just a baby. Regardless that name will carry value in fantasy leagues and could at very least give him trade value.
  11. Honestly, I’ve held out hope for years. He and James Kaprielian have always had a special place in my heart. Kaprielian has a lot of talent if he can ever get over the health issues. I had thrown in the towel on both guys but I added Kaprielian again in my main dynasty league.
  12. I don't think that Jorge Mateo is a very good baseball player. I do think that speed is very, very legitimate, but his lack of hit tool should only be more exposed if he does move to the major league level. He had some pop with the juiced AAA balls which does make him intriguing. He would be a guy that probably has more fantasy potential that real life potential...due to that speed. If I were making a list specifically for roto leagues (where speed matters a lot) then I would have to include Mateo. I've followed him for years and I have always been enamored by what he could be. I think his potential has gotten to be less and less as time goes by.
  13. Howard is a nice arm. I think he’s fairly safe for a pitching prospect. I really love his pinpoint control. He could’ve easily been included in the top 100...maybe even as high as the 50-60 range. I like him. I’d definitely add him in the next few spots.
  14. I do tend to chase upside and that was the thing that kept me from being too bullish on Gilbert. I think he absolutely has a very high ceiling, but many of the arms listed ahead of him have more upside due to a more dynamic arsenal...even if they aren't as polished as Gilbert. With as risky as pitching prospects are, there is a lot of value in stability and low floor.
  15. This thread makes my head hurt. I do think that one thing is really clear with Rendon. He's a really good player in a roto league, but he certainly gets a gigantic boost in points leagues that account for his plate discipline and on base skills. He is coming off a career year so it will be difficult for him to repeat his performance, but that is not related to his contract and I think it's already built in and expected given his price. If he does what he did last year then he'd be a top 10 pick in every league.