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  1. The one of George Bell and Sele above took me back to when I was a kid. This was before all televised games, so there is not a vid I could find of the full-on brawl, but the below has the clip (twice) of Bell with a whicked kick and punch after being hit by Bruce Kison in 1985. Man, those mid-80's Jays teams were pretty exciting. The clip is a more recent interview and provides his perspective as to why he did what he did.
  2. Did he list any examples of guys to avoid then?
  3. Ya, I would say Marte is the better comparison there. The power spiked a bit last season, but the speed is real. I would think 12-15hrs (possibly a few more) and 30-35sb (possibly more if Francona gives him the green light) is realistic. Could also be a good source of runs if he hits 1 or 2 in that order for the whole season.
  4. It's going to be interesting to see what goes on, for sure. Another scenario I would anticipate, knowing that they have a DH, is to roll out the Ace in the first game to let them go deep, so the weaker link is starting game two (or they use an opener) then they will keep the bullpen fresh for the second game.
  5. I wouldn't think starters would be the issue, rather closers. Guys like Verlander, Kershaw, etc., can easily throw what will now be a "CG". I would think that leagues where certain categories, like QS are involved would be influenced.
  6. Bizarre. I can not imagine, even with COVID-19, that an orthopaedic surgeon and a couple staff are the reason he has not gone under the knife.
  7. Out of curiosity what size league/settings did he go third round?
  8. There is a subscription requirement affixed to the link. What does it say?
  9. @The Big Bat Theory - I agree, I can't find anything on the Web, press release from the Red Sox, etc., that says he has actually undergone the procedure yet. Anyone have anything on the actual surgery being performed? Geez. Get him fixed already!
  10. @Thenewwildone8 - Ya, lots of money being lost. Look at the economy? 20+% likely unemployment. It's not doomsday, it's the reality of the situation. For sure, 95+% will fight this off, but if you are like me with an aging parent, it is significantly more urgent to keep this at bay. Yes, Italy has an aging population, but then look at States like Florida... you think that's not an overwhelmingly aging population? People sticking their fingers in their ears saying 'this isn't a problem', is just ignorant. It might not be for YOU, but it is for others if you carry it and pass it on. They are not 'playing a season' because it will cost too much lost revenue. That's already the reality. Businesses, and industries like hotel/food/travel-airlines, are being obliterated, so if you think baseball will be different and they'll just get back to playing you are sadly mistaken. Even the idea that they will play with 'no one in the stands', so they can get TV revenue, in this atmosphere, is a pipe dream right now.
  11. Ya, I'm with many on the above. I really wish things were different. My belief is that there won't be a season. Many people think this is 'no big deal'. Mostly because 'young and healthy' people will be fine. Generally, it will be those same people are likely not going to self-isolate. I just saw a pic on the news in San Fran and thousands of people on beaches in Florida, where people are just completely ignoring the warnings. The results are going to be significant in terms of trying to maintain the disease until there is a vaccine. The US is still behind places like France and Italy. Those countries are now in complete lockdown. There are thousands of people infected and in Italy over 2,500 people have died. That number's expected to grow significantly. Hopefully, I can come back to this post in a couple months and say 'boy was I ever wrong', and would happily to do so.
  12. Another name, among those listed above, that may benefit is Chris Sale.
  13. Well, I'm biased because I've been on Howard for awhile. I think he has legit SP2 fantasy upside. Seems like he will be ready, if/when they play this year, but ya likely not up before June at the earliest unless there's an injury or he absolutely killing it. I would anticipate he starts at AAA and they let him continue to develop until he forces their hand.
  14. It might be more likely they play, without crowds. Big thing for MLB is TV ratings/revenue, I believe.
  15. That's fair, but at least with Reyes he has had big league success not just in ST. The bigger issue is the average, if he hits .260+ he's a top 25 player, if he hits .230-.240, he drops significantly.
  16. I agree with this. It sucks, but the need to avoid large groups together in a confined environment is becoming increasingly apparent.
  17. 'General soreness' is pretty vague. Color me skeptical, but knee pain isn't generally something without an underlying issue so this may be more serious than initially thought. Could be meniscus related or some kind of tendinits/bursitis issue.
  18. See mine from January. He's giving every reason to believe this.
  19. Who becomes the 5th starter then Valdez?
  20. I think Davis was mostly to DH. It might free up some ABs for Dwight Smith Jr., possibly Ryan McKenna gets a longer look out of spring training.
  21. Solak was going to get regular ABs, whether at 3B or in a multi-utility role, regardless of this injury. He seems the most likely to benefit from an everyday job, no matter what now. On the injury front, the one thing I think we might not want to lose sight on is how this impacts Calhoun's mental psyche when he comes back. IMO, Heyward was never the same after he got hit. Just something to keep in mind.
  22. Agree with @Cmilne23. Here is an article from the Baltimore Sun: Sounds like a guy we can all get behind. Hope this is just a small blip in a long life for Trey.
  23. Hey guys... just saw the following: @ZackMeisel Follow-up imaging on Oscar Mercado’s wrist confirmed a mild sprain. He remains day to day. 9:59 AM · Mar 7, 2020·Twitter for iPhone
  24. He noted that it was feeling better today. Hopefully just a sprain. As mentioned going for an MRI, but he is also going to visit a hand specialist per article. Supposed to have an update tomorrow. Fingers crossed.
  25. They may also look to move Andujar to acquire an arm.