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  1. What are the chances for weeks after that due to his precondition?
  2. Seriously thinking about starting him as my flex
  3. Lol .. yeah who knows. This virus is running wild right now. I think the sports guys are actually more protected than every day people
  4. I picked him up well. Week 1 feels ages ago but he did ball out that week
  5. What a tackle by Mclaurin. The guy just continues to make winning plays
  6. One of my favorite handcuffs this year. Everyone is predicting a bounce back season for Kamara but you never know .. Also, Payton loves to work in 2 RB’s .. Aside from his 2 starts Murray didn’t do much last year but maybe this year he gets work and produces like Ingram and PT Cruiser did in the past for the Saints
  7. Any chance he doesn’t finish as a topi 3 back next year with the new coaching change and offense or is he the most bulletproof/safest player to draft #1 in recent times?
  8. The #1 TE the last few seasons. What are his expectations for next year, do we see a dip in production?
  9. Didn’t get any run his rookie year but I think the Rams have big plans for him next season. Thoughts?
  10. This guy really intrigues me. If Sammy is gone next year I’m drafting this kid on all my teams. Can he be a WR2 next season?
  11. Had a great rookie year. What’s his outlook look like for next year?
  12. Assuming he resigns with AZ, what do we think his potential is for next season?