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  1. Fwiw, the commish asked for reminders and used the phrase "push through" himself. Just sayin'.
  2. When do rosters get loaded. Happy to upload a few teams if that helps the process.
  3. Nice drafting everyone. Good luck this season, assuming we have one. I'll see one of you guys in the bowl... 👀 Cheers!
  4. New Orleans Defense @Boudewijn - otc
  5. Anyone here that I can give my picks to that will be here until @hockeyfan77 gets back? I got to jump out for a bit and don't want to delay the draft.
  6. Think we got a speed corridor coming...
  7. ok, so @Br0kenB is otc, then, @ToO_BaD
  8. Hope he comes back... I'm about 2 hours from being off the grid for most of the day... apologies in advance.
  9. @1972Miamidolphins - He's taken...
  10. Jones will be fine. Too much meh narrative... tape looks good to me. End of a tier, so it was a the right pick, imo