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  1. For value, I just traded Ekeler for Barkley straight up. I can wait. The Barkley owner was 1-2, and had her RB on a by in week 4. I think it was actually a pretty fair trade given the uncertainty of both players. Even if Melvin comes back, Ekeler has RB2 value in PPR. Get points now, or miss playoffs and have points later?? That was my point to them.
  2. I have Alvin, Melvin G Leo and Eckler as my RBs. I'm 3-0. Do you think it would be smart to trade off Eckler now to get Barkley even if he would be out until week 12 possibly? The Barkley owner is 1-2 now.
  3. just crap he is resting. Not hurt..and 2 games away from 82. What, are they saving him for the post season?
  4. 50/50 call on him vs McGee for this week. I needed FT% too, so went TB. Not impressed as well.
  5. He's getting another one during all-star break according to the writeup.
  6. Na, can't be. Because the other team would have already picked him up by now.
  7. I was able to get Zach Lavine for him today. The doomsday article today about Zach getting shut down help me push him in the right direction. Reason I posted was to confirm, both Ibaka and Zack are in mid 50's for 9-cat value right now. That seems to be the sweet spot to buy or sell DMC.
  8. LOL. In my mind, Crowell and Ivory are the same dude. I guess that popped up in comments. But you get what I mean. Hoping for a nice game this weekend for long-term outlook.
  9. It would be really nice. I have him in my 25 player Dynasty, and I wondering if he has the juice to be 'the guy' It seems they've wanted him to be it before, but injuries seem to get in the way. if he ends the season well and the coach stays the same....maybe they move to a 1 back system with ivory or whoever as a COP.
  10. Also, come to think about it....any midweek trade. Hello Chub.
  11. Sorry man...that's tough to have to rationalize that. It's a midweek occurrence that drastically changes the value of a player. Who knows how much...Ware didn't set the world on fire last week and now might be on a committee with Charknado. Courtland could fold or flourish under the #1 WR opportunity. Where would he fall if Emmanuel Sanders riding a moped and broke his ankle on a Wednesday? (damn you, Monta Ellis.) Anyways, He's got no leg to stand on. These are real people, who have real lives. You can't account for it all, you can just be prepared for it when things happen. Even if it's on a Thursday morning.
  12. I added Joe Webb off of FA list once I heard that Farve wasn't going to play. Pretty sure it was midweek. I think he scored 14 points standard in my WR slot as a QB in the finals, week 17. If you play week 17...this is a very common thing. Tons of starters rest and or deemed out from Wednesday to Sunday. These scab guys over the years come in for 1 week and have been real difference makers. I know, I know...week 17. But this happens every year and isn't rare at all in week 17.
  13. I kept telling myself that last year where the dude was punched in the face, that Lauri was a temp thing and when he got back that it would affect him. But, in the end, it didn't. In the end, production is production and if Bobby can do well in 2 months, who knows what role he might have when Lauri gets back. But I'm done trying to guess if a guy is gonna get demoted once another player comes back if he's played well.
  14. So, who is is real handcuff? Malcolm Brown Ran for him week 17 last year, and they faced San Francisco and LOST. They face San Fransisco again this year week 17. Malcolm didn't do much in that game, 14 attempts for 54 yards. 4 receptions for 7 yards. No Tds. The score was a 34 to 13 rout. Is John Kelly better? Trying to plan ahead after bye weeks, on who we should grab.
  15. Any possibility they bring LeSean McCoy back? Bills have 'momentum' now so maybe they won't want to trade, but just a few days ago, there was talk of trading Shady in a few weeks.
  16. Wonder if it's off the table to bring Shady McCoy back to Philly?
  17. Too busy running point guard with Jose and Hill out. 14 more assist last night...good for another dozen tonight.
  18. He was joking about shaving his unibrow on twitter today...I don't think he'd do that if he was gonna be out. Bad optics
  19. I think he will still do ok. Dray is a low usage guy, and Quinn kinda flopped as a shooter last night. I'm hoping with them having to guard Durant and Dray, that Quinn will get better looks than he did last night. Plus, the minutes will be there, and they need to mesh since curry will be out first round. I'm holding to see how the 3 play together. Then re-evaluate with Klay gets back.