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  1. Lonzo didn't flop. He posted top 80 value and if you punted FG%, he was a top 50 player. The only one who flopped was Fultz. Lonzo is a fantasy beast moving forward.
  2. I'll take the 6/6/6/5 line every day of the week. The steals and blocks have been a pleasant surprise. More 3's and I'm good.
  3. Just off'd Embiid off my roster for Boxer Portis. Thoughts guys?
  4. Not buying just yet in standards. There seems to be a timeshare going down here and of course.....Brooklyn.
  5. Lonzo isn't the only rookie who is shooting like dog turd by the way. Malik Monk: 1-9 FG 7-14 FG 1-6 FG 2-7 FG 1-9 FG 31.1 FG% Markelle Fultz: 1-4 1-5 2-9 5-9 33.3 FG% And these two were considered better shooters than Lonzo. So unless you want to close the book on all three rookies being permanently bad shooters long term, we need to allow the season to play out before making such reactionary takes on Lonzo. We all know these guys are better shooters than the numbers indicate.
  6. I agree but based on his college numbers, Lonzo will shoot better. Unless you believe he suddenly just forgot how to shoot when making the jump to the NBA. Wall was bad in high school and in Kentucky. I basing this purely on Lonzo's UCLA numbers, which indicate he is a vastly better shooter then what these first 5 games show, AND that he will have less of a up hill learning curve than Wall did so with improving his jumper. I think we both know 8PPG is a bit of a hyperbole.
  7. I was illustrating his jumper flat out sucked. Those numbers are through a full regular season as well. How about allowing a full season to elapse to properly compare Lonzo with Wall as well?
  8. My two cents: His jumper is awkward but I feel his struggle are largely mental and lesser on mechanics. His shooting form did not get in the way of him being largely efficient at UCLA on good volume. He's missing wide open jumpers even when he is not being defended. You simply cannot chalk that up to NBA defense. To compare him to another one time prospect (Wall), John came into the league with a broken jumper. He flat out sucked. He was a lot worse than Lonzo. But he became a fantasy beast through continued progression over the course of his career. To summarize, Lonzo is going to be really good both in real life and fantasy.
  9. He is failing at it. It just isn't his forte. Rozier has looked more natural at the point guard spot.
  10. I don't see the urgency early to own Frank but he's the Knicks future so he should be getting major minutes after the break. He's gonna struggle early on though.
  11. The people calling overreacting are most likely salty about someone else grabbing him. These are the facts: Gordon Hayward is out for the year Brown played nearly 40 minutes tonight He took more shot attempts then Kyrie Irving He's 20 years old If this Gordon injury happens before the season started, Brown would go mid-round in all drafts based on PT and potential. I apologize to all the fellas who missed out on picking him up but you guys need to come to your senses. This is not some scrub who is going to benefit from an injury ala The Bulls situation with Mirotic being out. This is a highly touted prospect who was already in the starting role who will see his minutes jump with Hayward gone as we saw tonight. The usage and role within the C's plans will be enhanced. And Marcus Morris returning isn't going to threaten that whatsoever. Morris is just a role player. To those who nabbed him, enjoy the ride.
  12. I'm going back and researching pre-draft evaluations to try to determine how someone that's looked this polished could have fallen so far. My guess is this development jump didn't just entirely happen in one summer. Will help me for next year's Dynasty drafts.
  13. Pros + He's a really good shooter Cons - He projects to be a terrible on the boards - Doesn't steal the rock - Doesn't block shots - Not a facilitator So he's basically a Ryan Anderson type of prospect if you ask me. The Bulls have gone after similar prospects the past few drafts and both Mirotic and McDermott have been mediocre. Which leads me to believe they're scouting department needs work or they just are terrible at player development. Which could be both.