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  1. And walked his next at bat. I'm taking this sample size and declaring him a beast
  2. Him and Heaney have been quietly very good this season.
  3. Feel bad for him! I have been following him for a long time, and can’t wait for him to make it to the majors. When he does, he’ll be the first player ever raised in Honduras to do so, which will feel great for him
  4. Yea I saw he tops out at around 93, but read that it plays faster than that. But its decent, and that combined with the fact he has had really high strikeout rates in college/minors and great control makes him pretty enticing. Pretty decent floor at least
  5. He has always had a ridiculous strikeout-rate, so I'v wondered why scouts think he has a low ceiling (it seems).
  6. For those in the long game, Jose Alvarado in Tampa May be a future closer if colome gets sold. He may be working his way up to a top setup guy this season
  7. You just gotta be patient, fantasy baseball is a marathon. Selling off pham for peanuts could be a big mistake if he has another great season.
  8. Impressive he got out of the 9th unscathed, but it was moronic he wasn’t pulled early in the inning
  9. He has allowed one hit through 8 innings against baltimore. 5 strikeouts and no walks.
  10. I liked perdomo but he should not have skipped AA and AAA. He should have started off in the minors last year. Seems they learned their lesson in developing rule 5 players with miguel diaz. Him getting 160 innings last year in the majors, when he obviously wasnt ready, is how you dont develop raw players with high potential
  11. I get it, and he very well may be bad. But the overanalyzing two games is and has always been silly.
  12. It is two games!!!!!!!! If he does terrible today it’s three only! This happens every year with random players this board gets hyper focused on. Posting his stats from a two game sample and spring training, to compare it to past years, in baseball is asinine.
  13. I’m a huge fan of dick lovelady as well. I’m holding in a deep dynasty league, but when was the last time a dominant milb rp became a closer. Bedrosian and then who?