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  1. okay that is good to know because I am busy all day Saturday too. I can only do at night. "The 4 seed in the playoffs will be the non-qualified team with the most total points, NOT the team with the 4th best record" Just to ask the obvious but say the 4th seed has the most points, they are still the 4th seed , correct?
  2. Yeah of course, you can boot me if you have to but Im not paying til draft time and work time are not gonna conflict
  3. ok thanks joined! im 95% sure i wont have to come into work if I do not very long so should be good.
  4. okay I'm in might get called in to work, I am wait and see but will pay asap once confirmed. Will know within the next hour or two
  5. add flex reg or super, just 2 receivers is my preferred. I get it though - last minute. What is payout?