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  1. Season getting pushed back minimally two weeks moves him back up the board for me... Cole, Degrom, max, Walker, Jack, JV... bring on a discount!
  2. Has anyone used rotochamp's yahoo import functionality? Got a free seasons from a promotional event and playing around with the app. Curious to what it can do during my yahoo draft when it's linked. There isn't much info on the page to really understand how it functions.
  3. Needed the sanity check, thanks. Humidors got me spinning!
  4. 5x5 H2H OBP league, snake draft, 4th pick... all the pros/cons of Arenado, Turner, Goldie, Betts, Blackmon, Harper... I am looking at Votto and wondering why not lock in 90/30/90/.430 and move on? Completely recognize OBP stretches out long over a week but seems like him anchoring the category can allow for flexibility to get some high K power in the mid rounds that I can absorb them not getting on base. Feels like the SB upside of Turner is comparable to Vottos OBP. Welcome any other thoughts on this topic.
  5. I got him to start the 11th in a 12 team league. I'll take that all day. I'm not normally someone who draft guys heading on the DL to start the season. When do teams typically make the actual roster move to place them on the DL beforehand? I want to make a roster move in yahoo to DL him and pick up someone. I googled it and didn't find anything.