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  1. Disclaimer: I’m a completely biased Broncos fan that has loved 13 since he came on the scene in that 15’ preseason @Seattle. This guy is wildly underrated! Trevor was thrust into a difficult situation last year. He was a first-year starter who followed a legend on a reigning World Championship team. He played injured with a grade 5 shoulder separation from week 4 on. His line was arguably league-worst, his one and only good RB was out nine weeks with a meniscus, and his HC was ill and running an offense from the Stone Age. All things considered, he played pretty well. Siemian’s numbers in a full season are better than D Carr’s first 16. We started out 5-0 last year but fell off hard. Trev was a monster in his first road start @Cincy and v KC. We win eleven games and the West if Fowler doesn’t drop two clutch balls. The division is a bear, but with McCoy, an improved line and much better running game, look out! Also, the league’s best defense should provide favorable field position. As as for this weeks marchup, I am sitting him in favor of Stafford. I think Buff has a solid defense and the Broncos don’t fare all that well on cross-country, early games. Especially coming off a huge win with the rival raiders next week.
  2. Yes, it is. Two other managers in the league know him better than I do, so I couldn't mess around. However, I truly believe he will return that value this year!
  3. I completely agree! I took him in the second round. Not sure why some are kind of lukewarm on him. Skip Bertman called Bregman the best SS that's ever played at LSU, he was the 2nd overall pick in 2015, 2016 MiLB player of the year, and now he's flashing power. Hell, half this forum could hit a ball out of LF in Houston! That Stros lineup is going to score a lot of runs, and Bregman should be near the top of it. Altuve, Correa, Gurriel, and Alex just in the infield alone! As a Cubs fan, I'm glad they're no longer in the NL Central.
  4. That's one way to look at it. Another, is sharing firsthand knowledge of his character and work ethic to help their team this year. He's a safe bet and very undervalued this year. Bregman put up big numbers last year after the initial cold stretch.
  5. New Mexico, not Arizona. My cousin has the record, but he used metal bats in his day; Bregman played when NM made the hs kids use wood. Bregman is going to be a monster this year! His work ethic is off the charts. My other cousin trains him here in Albuquerque. He says he literally has to kick him out of his gym. He also said they gave him the keys to the field at LSU because when he couldn't sleep, he would go hit. My good friends coached him in high school and one of those coaches is married to UFC star, Holly Holm. Alex stayed at their house quite a bit this summer; he learned how a champion trains and eats. I just hope Leyland benching him all March doesn't slow him down.