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  1. 12-team / 2-keeper, 10 years running, 3rd championship. I'm up 54 with only my Tyler Bass left to play 12-3 finish, highest scoring team, playoff wins against second highest scoring team and the other 11-3 squad, both gave me 2 of my 3 losses in regular season *Brad Pitt in Inglourious Basterds voice* I think this just might be my masterpiece QB - Mahomes RB - Jones, Montgomery, Gaskin WR - Metcalf, Thielen, Diontae Johnson K - Bass DEF - Bears Bench - James Conner, Zach Ertz, TJ Hockenson, Devante Parker, Dolphins DST, CEH (dropped Julio Jones
  2. Checking in for everyone who needs a big Diontae game tonight, let's ride into the sun together shall we
  3. This is a 200 yard game or the last game he plays this year, you heard it here first
  4. Yeah I think I agree with the most recent comments, I dropped the Bucs D and grabbed Ertz. Schedule looks good coming up, we'll see. Thx for the help!
  5. See what better WRs the Freeman owner has and trade Freeman for someone slightly better than Higgins. Honestly kinda like Higgins for Freeman. I think you can drop Deebo for Shenault in a 10 team lg
  6. It's an offer, what do you have to lose? Don't think he accepts but if he does mazel tov
  7. So tough because both teams are unreliable as far as dynasty RBs go. In a vacuum I think I like Akers, but I'd lean Swift with the shot he becomes the primary guy for DET sooner than later.
  8. Agreed that's the offer, problem is I like your receivers too much. I still prob do Bell and Fuller for Sanders though, receivers are closer in value so I think you can find someone to make up points lost with Fuller.
  9. Someone dropped Ertz but the thing is I don't have to start a TE in my league, it's a 12 team FLEX roster league. Current roster: QB: Mahomes RB: Aaron Jones, James Connor, David Montgomery, Myles Gaskin WR: Julio, Thielen, DK Metcalf, Devante Parker, Diontae Johnson, Gallup TE: Hockenson IR: Tevin Coleman DEF: Bucs, Washington (holding onto Bucs)
  10. I'd sell high on Henry especially since Kittle already had a bye - you can ride with one TE and keep your bench full of potential upside at other positions. Don't need to carry 2 TE's in a 10-team league.
  11. Looking for feedback - was offered Moore for Tevin. Kinda think I can use the WR help but Moore and OBJ are on bye this week. This is a 12 tm PPR flex rosters i.e. we don't need to start a TE. This is my lineup: QB: Mahomes RB: Gurley, A Jones, Lindsay, Tevin, McCoy, Malcolm Brown, D Henderson WR: Beckham, Flash Gordon, A Rob, McLaurin, C Davis Thanks folks!!
  12. Drop a TE and take Kirk. I'd even drop a TE to stash one of those backup RBs
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