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  1. I guarantee if healthy he plays. These coaches and executives need wins to build resumes and keep their jobs. Piling up losses does not help for them short or long term. Plus these guys didnt get where they are without being competitors. Same for CMC.
  2. Where would you guys rate Deebo in dynasty? Do you like him better than Chark, Boyd, or Jeudy?
  3. I have the same dilemma. I'm starting to lean to Carr in what should be a high scoring game. I've seen the theory that a lot of 3 and outs for the Broncos could lead to a lot of possesions for the Saints even if they run the ball a lot. I think if you need upside you role the dice with Hill but the safe play is Carr.
  4. I'd say Hill. Lots of risk with pitt even playing. Hill should be in a high scoring matchup. Even if Ito cuts into time he should still get a lot of chances.
  5. I like Hill. He is a little risky but should be in a real high scoring game. Gus is risky in the game may not happen and it's vs. a great defense.
  6. I would be going Wentz as well too regardless of job security. It seems like Wentz less likely to lose a job as well.
  7. I wouldn't think twice and go with both Rams. They both looked fantastic last week and are the most reliable of all of the above players.
  8. I think Wilkins is the play even if Snell's game was a lock. Gore could get a bunch of touches and still not score much.
  9. I think Samuel is actually the safest. Going for more upside I would say Beasley.
  10. I'm going against the grain here but I like it for you. 100% do it if you get another RB back. You have plenty of depth and to get AJ Brown who would be a great play against Detroit in the playoffs? That sounds good to me.
  11. I like Myers the best. Then I would go Williams over Jeudy. Jeudy's injury made it an easier call.
  12. Full PPR- I can start 2 of these: How would you rate these 5? Antonio Brown Home vs. KC Sterling Shepard at Cincy Brian Hill Home Las Vegas Jordan Wilkens Home Tennesee Benny Snell Home Balt *Snell's game situation isn't a risk as if it is cancelled we have policies in place to sub a player in. Leave a link WHIR!
  13. And I think his role will only increase in the passing game moving forward.
  14. I can't believe how physical he is when he runs. I expected him to be good but by pass catching. Next year he may start catching a bunch of balls and elite potential is there.