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  1. Wondering if he will be pitching this weekend. Would love to have him in a start vs. Pittsburgh.
  2. And I almost benched him today with the slump + Bieber. Hopefully the beginning.
  3. I'm considering Pablo Lopez against the Orioles. If Alcantara was dropped he is someone to look at as the Marlins get going again.
  4. He should be pitching next on Wednesday correct? ESPN had him as a streamer option in their daily notes for today.
  5. In a 162 game season there is no way I am dropping him. But in a short season, time is of the essence. He has an obvious injury history which makes me think a DL stint could be on the horizon. In daily leagues where you could use a valuable roster spot to stream MR etc., I'm thinking about cutting him loose.
  6. Safe to assume Burdi won't be available tonight after pitching last night?
  7. If you don't hit your spots against the Twins, it gets ugly quick. It actually could've been worse as the Twins loaded the bases in the first and didn't score.
  8. Any chance these platforms designate the entire marlins team to covid to be able to IL them? I don't want to drop Brian Anderson but may have to.
  9. Stud reliever who looked great again today in his first appearance. For those familiar with how he is used, by throwing 30 pitches today is he unavailable tomorrow or could he still used?
  10. I have Devers and Vasquez on Yahoo. Both listed as out of the lineup but on ESPN they are in the lineup. Nothing on twitter about Devers being out so I'm sure Yahoo is wrong. What terrible start if they don't have these simple things right.
  11. The thing about Paxton, and correct me if I'm wrong, when he gets back on the mound he pitches well. There typically isnt the readjustment period you see of guys working their way back into form after an injury. Maybe that changes with additional wear and tear but I think he will be good as soon as he is back on the mound.
  12. I'm not too familiar with Mason Rudolph's skills. Who would be a better dynasty pick. Him or Mitch Trubisky. Thanks!
  13. Any word on Rizzo this week? Strange he sat again one day after returning on Saturday. Would hate to take another zero from him this week.
  14. While he isn't an ace, he is a very good pitcher. In the last 5 years he has had 1 bad year and it was last year. This isnt a fluke.