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  1. Trading the 2nd best LHP prospect in the league for Yandy Diaz 2.0? Not sure this trade will be looked back on as good. Worst case you do this in June if you have a shot to win the East. This move is awful.
  2. Good point. A minor leaguer who hit .300+ at every stop, and had 10 HR/36 SB in 2018 as a middle infielder would be on no one’s radar. We should all forget about him and his skill set.
  3. That’s not really a “disappointing” year though. That’s Bryce Harper. His 162 game average- .276/106/33/95/13 He’s finally going in the same round as George Springer, who is basically the same player, so not sure what a great value it is. Obviously you can argue he has the MVP upside that Springer doesn’t, but I don’t see this as an over correction. It looks like Bryce is finally ranked appropriately.
  4. Mevins proclaimed he’d never amount to anything??
  5. If Nats hang on, entire Tigers rotation (JV, Scherzer, Price, Porcello, Anibal) will all have a WS ring...elsewhere.
  6. Can’t blame Sanchez. Maybe the Astros were whistling in the dugout.
  7. His average ADP (fantasy pros) last season was 202. That’s like 16th round in 12 team league. He burned some guys this season. He ain’t jumping up 6 rounds.
  8. Giolito is an interesting one at 20. I think I’d have him a touch higher in the rankings (though likely the same tier). Anyone going the other way on him? The next Bauer who shows out one year and looks like there’s a breakout, then back to crap? I think I’d have him ~15.
  9. Arenado is 10th hitter on ESPN’s player rater. 154 games. Turner is 12th. 119 games. I’d certainly take him over Arenado. Turner easily belongs in the top 12.
  10. Past 5 years? Why are you counting seasons when he was still in the minors? 2015 and 2016 he played more games in the minors than the majors lol. I’m not taking Trea before Trout. But a couple things: 1) This is not a guy with Tulo injuries that are constant. A lot of time missed both season because of HBP. Not sure you can ding a guy for that. 2) Turner’s 162 game average- .291/112r/21 HR/72 RBI/53 SB Add the bump in SB value, and you tell me who’s rivaling that production? Not many people. I can’t believe there are still people sleeping on Trea Turner.
  11. Your league allows teams to trade in the last week/championship matchup? No trade deadline? Lol yikes
  12. There were no guarantees, of course. But this lead many to believe he’d be in the field and starting today.
  13. Right. Because Garver is crazy v. LHP. But he’s also a stud v. RHP. Pan mentioned Castro’s .777 OPS, above average for a catcher. Garver has a .899 OPS v. RHP (and 1.181 v. LHP!). Garver should be playing 4-5 times per week. There’s really no justification otherwise.