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  1. You’d think. Not sure what state you’re from, but everything is political and you’re trying to influence the middle. Here in Michigan: We have idiots going to the capitol fully armed blaming Whitmer for everything. When in all actuality her decisions basically mirrored Ohio’s, who turned out ok. Likely it got her first and spread quicker. 🤷🏽‍♂️ Despite that, she’s made some head-scratching decisions. And no matter what they are, some people will defend her to the death and “if you want to blame someone, blame the incompetent Cheeto!” You know the drill. So people still try to finesse each way in whatever way they believe, and there’s no changing their minds.
  2. “Never waste a good crisis.” The standard thought is that Republican governors are downplaying number of deaths, in an attempt to make it seem as if Trump did ok. “Everything is fine.” All while Democrat governors would be pushing higher death numbers that they can use against Trump. “What a disaster his decisions were!” There’s many who apparently think just one of these things is happening, lol. Knowing politics and politicians, I think that it’s quite possible both of these things are taking place in an election year, unfortunately.
  3. Or Tony, and hear me out here, different states are reporting differently, and many experts debate whether we are underreporting or overreporting. And often, there’s a political agenda behind it. That’s just the facts. Reporting deaths at home with no testing done as COVID deaths. Some say this is necessary to know the true impact. Others note that regular cardiac at-home deaths are down, so we shouldn’t count unknown as COVID deaths. I, personally, can see both sides of this argument.
  4. 100%. And I said as much in another thread. But then say as much. That’s the issue. “I’m afraid for my life!” is completely disingenuous and hurts the players’ position in the eyes of the public more than it helps.
  5. That’s all true. But Blake pulled the “we’re risking our lives!” If that’s the case, you don’t play, period. But he won’t risk his life for some money, but more money will make it ok? Come on. His motivation is super transparent.
  6. Everyone has an agenda. Unfortunately some people think just the “other side” does. It’s sad, but this link (or many other similar examples) won’t change anything. Imagine if you will that it leaks that Fauci presented the President with two options: Lock down or herd immunity. Both a lot of deaths, but lock down stretches them out. Trump says, “The numbers will look bad for me, I’d rather have some deaths come after the election!” Whst percentage of people in this thread and around the country would all of the sudden be saying he should’ve went that route? Lol
  7. The one reason to defend the billionaire (and there should be, we shouldn’t just blindly pick rooting against the person with more money, it should be about right and wrong) is that they bring in so much revenue because of the risk involved. Not everyone has billions and is willing to front load money into teams/players/stadiums what have you. Well now is that risk. I don’t want to see anyone losing money hand over fist. But if they lose a little money (relatively speaking) this season, they’ll make it back. That’s what they signed up for. That’s why they bring in hundreds of millions in other years. Snell, like many players, was completely tone deaf with HOW he said things, no doubt. But they shouldn’t take ANOTHER cut on top of what was agreed upon. Both sides are negotiating in the media right now. I think it gets done, because it would be absolutely disastrous PR for the entire league if they squabble over and end up not playing over money during this time.
  8. Same thing happened to the Minnesota Twins. A real team who invests millions. Maybe they should follow your advice and tell everyone how it isn’t fair to them.
  9. For sure. And you can get some guys relatively inexpensive (Bryce, Arenado, Machado, Bryant, Votto) who could be HOFers. Now is the time. Play the slow game. I use a lot of the young phenom cards to flip. Don’t want to hold for too long. It’s allowed me to put together a nice collection just from the same funds. And if you’ve followed Topps Project’s a whole nother animal. They’re on sale for two days, that’s it. Yet for some reason people decide they want them afterward. So the secondary market is crazy.
  10. This is 100% true. Jasson Dominguez first card is already going for $120+ lol. And people are paying it. You gotta be patient.
  11. He said, “there is no reason...” None. Zero. That’s what that means. And yes, he also addressed the shortage concern.