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  1. Do we think he'll be effective once he returns?
  2. Is there any way he Wally Pipps Mostert if he gets enough carries and produces before Mostert returns?
  3. Washington front 7 is very good. Not every defense the Cowboys face will get that sort of pressure/push. I'm not sure that Dalton is serviceable. His accuracy even when he's had time hasn't been great. Teams don't have to gameplan for him; if they simply focus on stopping Zeke that should lead to a win. That's not good for Zeke's fantasy output.
  4. I do think they will get a QB and that should improve the situation - it almost literally can't get worse than this week - and Zeke can remain in the RB2 to low RB2 category. The problem is inept McCarthy is the coach and he will likely destroy this team. I'm wondering what dynasty teams that have a chance to win the title this year are doing with Zeke. I love him as my team's RB anchor but I can't trust that (1) the Cowboys will do the right thing and fire McCarthy after 1 year or (2) that when Dak returns from that gruesome injury he will be as effective as he was before. If I can get Henry or A. Jones I'm selling, maybe even CEH; I still think he's the man in KC despite Bell signing.
  5. 200 passing yards for Mahomes and 14 total runs. CEH could have had a much bigger day if he caught the TD pass. Brighter days ahead. Don't fret.
  6. Psihogisoshlflsdfksd know what he's talking about? Who he is?
  7. Everyone wants, nay needs, more Taysom. Men, women, children. More Taysom is good for humanity
  8. Encouraging. I need him to go out and battle some ox like he is wont to do on Sunday!
  9. Me thinks he's played his last snap as a Saint. E Sanders is the play followed by Tre'Quan. Kamara might go intergalactic now.
  10. 6 weeks puts him back for the playoffs. Who knows how he'll look then but worth the hold to me to see.