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  1. It wouldn't surprise me at all if CEH outscores Henry and Mixon this year.
  2. I meant in any individual game his ceiling is high. I don't think it's *that* high over the course of the full season.
  3. Drafting this guy, more than most others perhaps, is really dependent on ADP. The risk/reward is so volatile here. His ceiling is high but his floor is zero. His performance last year was a tale of 2 seasons, dominant then near non-existent after suffering an injury against SF. I think his injury only partially explains the disparity. What was more concerning was Metcalf's ascension. On top of that, his targets were shockingly inconsistent and just not a target share you can trust: 2, 12, 14, 4, 4, 5, 7, 6, 18, 4, 2, 3, 6, 9, 8, 7. There are games where he's hardly used and others where he is a clear focal point. That said, he's targeted in the red zone and only needs 1 play to take it to the house. Ultimately, 82/1057/8 is a solid line but I'd be most comfortable as my WR2 and will likely pass on him this year because I expect him to be too expensive. Would rather Metcalf if investing in this offense.
  4. Great take. Need more of this willingness to push the conversational envelope. I don't think this prediction is farfetched at all.
  5. You didn't see the gifs? He looked like Kittle or Kelce (dare I say Aaron Hernandez?) on the end-arounds.
  6. Sutton had a pretty solid 2019 season. It's not yet clear how good his chemistry with Drew Lock will be. The Broncos drafted TWO receivers in the early rounds this year, one of which is Jerry Jeudy who is a route-running machine. They have Fant at TE who looks like he could be poised to break out, and with Melvin Gordon at running back, this suddenly looks like an offense with a lot of potential. Pre-NFL draft, most rankings seemed to have Sutton solidly in the top 15 wide receivers. What are his prospects for the upcoming season?
  7. The game should have never gotten to the point where there was an opportunity for an onside kick to even matter in the first place. It was complete and total mismanagement. McCarthy kicked at least 2 field goals from the Seahawks one or two yard line. He admitted after the game he continued to run the ball in the second half because he felt if the Packers reached a certain number of running plays they'd win the game, a simple and costly plan. Ugh - enough of that. Too painful. Glad he's gone.
  8. Maybe less a matter of malice than incompetence. They kept McCarthy WAY too long. His conservative playcalling cost them the NFC championship against your Seahawks. Lacy was a serviceable running back but mostly because Rodgers is such a good QB teams focused on stopping him. Nelson was a very good receiver, but one has to wonder how much Rodgers elevated the play of his receivers. Would Cobb be anything worth mentioning if he played with an average QB?
  9. No wonder Rodgers is so dang moody. Makes sense now.
  10. The mercurial Rodgers is unpredictable. I think he does enough to help the Packers win the division but I think he'll sulk and underperform all year.
  11. Flyman, you know LSU football better than anyone, but when I watched CEH he seemed so electric. I got Sproles vibes. Do you think he could be Hunt 2.0, same, better, worse?
  12. If that pick compromises your ability to win a championship with a HOF QB and a closing window, I think it's a bad pick. I also think your concerns about Love are legitimate.
  13. Gotcha - fair enough - but I don't think Thompson or Darrell are anywhere near the talent that CEH is. I don't like that comparison. Darrell was undrafted. Thompson is 5th rounder, somewhat of a dart of throw. CEH is a record setting national champion level running back drafted in the 1st round by a RB coach guru. As for, DW, you're right. He has shown great promise and talent when given the opportunity but Reid has also shown again and again he just doesn't seem to have much faith in DW. He brought in McCoy. Drafted Thompson, acquired Darrell. And now CEH. I think CEH is the future sooner in KC sooner than later and he is going to be a load in that offense with all of those weapons. It's actually pretty scary. The rich just got richer.