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  1. Reading his comments about his shooting, he still doesn't seem to want to shoot. I feel like this guy is the kind of guy who will eat the same cereal his whole life because he's afraid other flavors will suck. "I'll stick to what I'm good at." Not I want to be the best player I can be. At least Giannis is heaving them up, and he's getting better at 3's. Same with his left hand/right hand thing. It's like he places obstacles for himself that he doesn't want to overcome.
  2. I also feel sorry for the guy because every game he watches is cheapened by his own mindset thinking it's rigged.
  3. Since there is no way of knowing what position your teams' best player plays, that's inevitable. If it's not positional and based on actual results, I'm going Jordan all the way. I don't think he ever really took it easy even on defense.
  4. Taking each player's prime years as a defender to compare, I'd take Jordan if the best player being guarded was under 6'8" and/or under 250 lbs. Lebron would have a huge advantage guarding larger players. Lebron can guard basically all 5 positions. Jordan is better from 1-3, but would suffer against 4's and 5's (for more than a few possessions). Come on now, if you want to talk recent defense freaks (non 7 footers), it'd be Kawhi, Rodman, Ben Wallace. Those guys have such a huge advantage defensively over NBA guys it shouldn't be possible (NBA guys already elite athletes).
  5. That 10k is a joke. You can register earliest starting in July or probably in August, and ending earliest in December. Then who knows when they will actually start distributing (probably 2021). What's the point? By that time, everything would have blown over other than a lingering bad economy. Also, they have proposed to allow borrowers to pay interest only on mortgages. Not sure when/how that is happening. Right now it's more of a psychological benefit, but nobody is really falling for it. Meanwhile they did approve for the raises of government employees and those will happen immediately, so great!
  6. This is a pretty good solution. I just hope there ends up being a long enough regular season for us to finish the FBB playoffs. I would say that's unlikely though. So the FBB champs will probably be crowned on shortened seasons games wise.
  7. That's not a lot of tax at all. When I was living in CA I paid a similar effective tax rate. Can't remember if that included state taxes too. Anyway, an interesting thing that could happen, since the NBA season is at least going to be delayed 3 months, is that the NBA draft is actually going to take place before the season even kicks off again. That means if they wanted to get cute, they could let the rookies play some games LOL. Yeah I know contractually that'd be a mess, and not fit inside the CBA, but just a interesting scenario. Worst case they can get extra time watching games live and practices as well. Might not be able to participate for insurance purposes even in practices though.
  8. Well, actually Orlando is in the 8th spot right now, so it's quite possible that Isaac does return.
  9. Wait so the righteous people always let the teams who lose a major player pick up the player who benefits? What a gentleman. I’ve never seen that happen. Hey John, KAT is sitting out with a bum wrist why don’t you get Naz while we all wait here sipping out English tea. Sure.
  10. Yes, and sadly the US government doesn’t want cheaper healthcare. Never did. Big pharmaceutical making tons of money pricing them however they want. Fine if you are working and have work medical insurance but coverage is limited.
  11. Yeah I think latest they restart in June, maybe have teams play to 70 games, and then start playoffs, shortened to 3 and 5 game series. Should be done by August (two weeks for regular season and small break, 1.5 months for playoffs). Then maybe just one of summer league/pre season games and then start the season on time or slightly later. Early season young players get to play a ton, and they can rest up the vets if they want.
  12. People freaking out I guess. But Donovan probably got it just by speaking to Rudy since he's right next to his locker. I think Rudy's statement was well written and he has the right attitude about this now. Says a lot more about him than others who would rather deny wrongdoing or avoid talking about it.
  13. turns out the mics weren’t the only things he touched. This guy really is an idiot.
  14. I would suggest reading the news, any news.
  15. Maybe just end the regular season now, and do single elimination playoffs! BTW Jazz already eliminated due to bioweapon threat.