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  1. I'm in, confidently. He's got the stuff, and the team has the motivation.
  2. I think it used to be an edge to bet against the team that just clinched cause they'd all been out on the town the night before. Not this year.
  3. I'm waiting to see if the Braves are resting guys.
  4. Raisel finally had a good non save situation. Who knew the Reds are making the playoffs?
  5. Graft some dead dudes hamstring in there and he'll literally have a stronger arm than he did before.
  6. I have to congratulate this dude for hitting in a prime spot for an elite team. Are you smarter than the first place Rays brain trust?
  7. Let's be honest when you're hitting 6th or worse you're unplayable.
  8. Got to love an everyday starter from the waiver wire. I see him being a tenth round steal next year.
  9. Watch his highlights he knows it's gone even when it's an oppo line drive.
  10. The guy can hit, and over a large sample he's gonna hit.
  11. Defined roles are great when you can roll out Greene, Britton, and Chapman, but if you're the Rays you have to milk those small edges and you can't argue with the success they've had as a small market team.
  12. Closer rankings don't really matter past opening day. Closers are basically binary, either they're getting save opps or they're not. Ranking which relievers are most likely to switch into getting opps is much more important, hence the popularity of this thread.
  13. 83 pitches / 51 strikes over 6 innings. When a guy puts up a quality start and you're still just a bit disappointed that's always a good sign.
  14. Dodgers are slight faves and o/u is 8. If you think he can go 5 he's a start.