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  1. This dude is permanently on the bench wtf!! How could a team trying to make the playoffs sir their best statistical hitter 4 straight games
  2. Hottest thing at the catcher position right now
  3. Matt Adams suffered an oblique injury last night which guarantees full time playing time to Kendrick for the foreseeable future.
  4. You want to find the most underrated fantasy player this year??? Look no further then to Howie Kendrick. Kendrick is having one of the best seasons of his career at the age of 35. A look at his superficial stats and also underlying metrics points to a player with solid rest of the season value. Keep chumming Kendrick..
  5. Quite possible. Worth monitoring though
  6. Not sure.. Those numbers do seem to be alarming though. Pitchers are obviously taking advantage of his aggressiveness at the plate. If he is going to full fledge break out then he needs to make the adjustment.
  7. Under high leverage situations, Franmil has a 10% line drive 60% ground ball 30% fly ball rate with a 20% hard hit rate. This is telling that Franmil doesn’t have much of an approach at the plate and is just a swing and rip type of player. Until he develops better plate discipline I don’t see much more improvement then what we have seen from Reyes .
  8. His improvements against lefties is intriguing
  9. A look at the superficial stats of schwarber and the results this year are indicative of a mediocre player not living up to the godlike performances schwarber had in the minor leagues. However, a deeper dive into schwarber’s underlying metrics points to a player on the cusp of making some noise. Schwarber currently has a top 9% exit velocity at 92.1% which is the highest exit velocity he has posted since 2016. His hard hit rate, per baseball savant, is top 7% which is his highest hard hit rate since 2016. Schwarber’s batted ball profile looks beautiful with a 21% LD 38.4%GB and 40.2%FB. His spray charts show that he has not been as pull heavy as he has been in years past with a 41.7%Pull 28.7% Cent and 29.8%Oppo. His .264 Babip is below is career norm of .271 and with his spray chart and batted ball data his average is due for some positive regression. A look at his plate discipline shows a guy with the best swinging strike rate of his career at 9.4%. This comes with a 10% increase in O-Contact at 64.8%. Finally, probably most importantly, schwarber has struggled his entire mlb career against lefties. This year, schwarber has a .310 batting average against lefties with a hard hit rate of 63.2%. Schwarber is batting leadoff for the cubs and I think he is a player that deserves some more attention.
  10. Hiura looks like a cool, confident, professional hitter. You would have never thought it was his first professional big league game. He looks like a special player.
  11. I am shocked that there is no thread on this guy. Has anyone taken notice to what he has been doing at the plate?!?! Let me begin to tell you.... To start, not including today, Fletcher owns a 8.0% walk rate while maintaining a 4.5 % K rate. This is backed up by a 1.5 SwStr%!, 91.1 O-Contact!, and 98.0 Z-Contact%! In addition, he has lowered his O-Swing percentage from 26.2% to 22.2%. These numbers are absurd. With over a 100 plate appearances plate discipline metrics are reaching stabilization. Fletcher may not have a ton of pop but he has been hot at the plate as of late. Today, he popped a 105mph screamer over the fence. His hard hit rate is at a respectable 38.8% which is 9% higher then last year. In 2018, Fletcher posted a .209 ISO in triple A. There is a chance that 10+ homer potential is possible. Finally, Fletcher is hitting leadoff for the Angels, Ohtani is back in the lineup, and Fletcher may have 2nd, 3rd, SS, and OF eligibility by the end of the year. In a points league, a player like this is gold.