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  1. I have one non payer in this league. If anyone wants that spot, email me at League site:
  2. Last year's auction site: rules are there on message board. Scoring site: uses leaguesafe. if you've never done a slow auction, you should try this. my favorite draft of the year hands down. a few spots left. email me at if you want a spot.
  3. using leaguesafe. last year's site w/ rules, payouts: If you want a spot, do not reply to this. Email me at Pete
  4. I will play in the best all league if you still need teams

    1. boutrous11


      just saw this.  you need to email me if you want in leagues as I don't check here often.  That league filled.  I am running a bestball slow auction starting Feb. 15 if you want in that.  $30.  Last year's site w/ rules, payouts:

      email me at if you want a spot.  filling now...



  5. Last year's site with more rules, scoring, etc. 6 hours per pick, clock frozen at night. $20 through Leaguesafe. 3 spots available right now. email me at if you want a spot. Pete
  6. up to 32. edit. I guess the rules page is not accessible. Here they are: $25, through leaguesafe. Pick 16 players. That's it. You're stuck with them the entire playoffs. (You can make changes up until Saturday at noon est.) You may not take more than 2 players from one team. Bestball lineup for each of the 4 weeks of the playoffs. 1 qb,2 rb,2 wr, 1 te, 1 flex (qb,rb,wr,te), team k, team d. You can choose whatever number/combinations of positions you want. You could take 8 kickers if you want. Most total points throughout the 4 weeks of playoffs wins. Prizes tbd. Last year we had 40ish entries. This year should be more. 1 max entry per person.Lineups due Saturday January 4 at noon est.Scoring details here: you go to the leaguesafe link and pay, I will add you to the Myfantasyleague site as a paid team and you can start choosing your players. I'm going to just put the word PAID next to your team name on the home page.I don't have a way of limiting the number of players you take per team, so please police yourself. 2 players max per nfl team.
  7. League rules: Scoring: Leaguesafe link: My email is if you have any questions. Pete
  8. 9/12 filled. bb10, classic, $10, 1 minute per pick.