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  1. I’m not mad or upset it just surprising if you are using stats to look the stuff you are speaking up his age is literally right there yes there is a difference between a 22 yo and 23 yo and a 24 yo ..surprise carry on
  2. I’m not offended at all ..that’s what’s wrong with people they hate when they’re wrong I even said good points but you get all catty when I point that out smh but if you are too lazy to get something that simple right ....what makes the rest of your opinion accurate since we are going there
  3. Ok I’m sorry dude I don’t post much but where are you getting this guy is 24 do you even look this stuff up before repeating it once not twice 22 last year 23 this year but fair points
  4. Yeah let's see a 4 for 4 game with a double and a hr..lets talk about trea turner though..give me correa over every ss In mlb