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  1. I’m just saying they’d have caught him from behind. Just my opinion. A-Rob is a crazy possession receiver. He kills you slowly 10-15 yards at a time.
  2. I don’t really see A-Rob outrunning anyone these days. Maybe when he was a Jagwire. Mooney is the one with the jets, but his route-running is fairly horrendous at this point, particularly on deep balls, which speaks to the issues being discussed in the last several posts.
  3. He’s damn good at breaking tackles, and he’ll need to utilize that skill even moreso going forward, as James Daniels could be out for the season. James is arguably the best offensive lineman on the Bears - it’s between him and Whitehair. The other guard that they brought in from Seattle is replacement-level. The guy who replaced Daniels last night might prove to be atrocious - we’ll see. The tackles are average. Ryan Pace gave Robert Quinn a huge deal (did anyone hear his name mentioned last night?) and drafted TE Cole Kmet in the second round (no 1st round pick due to the Mack trade). OL is not much of a priority. It’s one of the most obvious signs that a GM is in over his head. Bottom line - Montgomery will suck hard from time to time, and it won’t necessarily be his fault.
  4. I know, I just couldn’t pass up an opportunity to rip on the Jets.
  5. Nobody has any Jets, of course. But the Cardinals? I can’t be the only one who thought having a Murray/Hopkins combo was a great idea.
  6. This could be another game where the Bears opponent is up by a couple scores in the 4th, and they go into something resembling a prevent defense and give the Foles/Robinson combo whatever they want underneath. And I don’t think the Bears will end up in a tight game unless Robinson is heavily involved. So I think he’ll get his, either way. But don’t blame me if he puts up only 3 points.
  7. RB Fumble rankings 1. Ezekiel Elliott 3 2. Joshua Kelley 2 3. Chase Edmonds 2 4. Benny Snell 2 5. 16 players with 1 Not a good sign for our man Josh.
  8. It seems like he’s dropped more catchable balls this year than he did in his first two seasons combined. It’s a troubling development. Nobody has any forgiveness for a receiver that drops passes. He’s getting crucified on Twitter by the Bears fanbase. And now the legend of Mooney commences (1% ownership in yahoo threatens to skyrocket to 2%).
  9. Which is a mystery to Bears fans. I don’t know what’s up with the snap counts and targets. Miller is presumably 100% healthy. But I’m not particularly impressed with Mooney - he seems like more of a middling talent. The Colts defense manhandled the Bears today, and they’re missing key players. They’ve quietly built up a crazy amount of depth. The Bears were completely outclassed. It may very well turn out to be the toughest defense that the Bears face all season. So I’ll give Miller the benefit of the doubt for now. Those snap counts have to go up.
  10. It’s difficult to believe that a starting QB could test positive and then everyone else would be in the clear. Think about all of the game-planning that goes on and the fact that he’s constantly having face-to-face conversations with so many players and staff. No way in hell am I starting any of my Chiefs players. And as you could imagine, I’m going with vastly inferior options due to unfortunate circumstances with injuries, etc. Good luck to those of you who are taking the plunge.
  11. I’m gonna say that the odds are heavily in favor of Anthony Miller. I wish I owned some shares.
  12. This won’t end well. This doesn’t seem like it’s going to work. This is just going to keep happening all season. I believe this is the beginning of the end. I don’t really see a scenario where the season could survive this. It was fun while it lasted. The chances of the season being completed are basically zero. It feels like I was left at the altar and my bride ran off with the best man. Those are all quotes from the first few pages of the baseball COVID thread. I suppose I just prefer to stay positive. The doom and gloom doesn’t help matters as far as I can tell.
  13. This guy is must-see TV. He makes the other stellar rookies (Foster & Heuer) look merely pedestrian. And then you got Colome, Bummer, Marshall, etc. A wild card in Rodon. What a bullpen. You just have to hope that Renteria learned something during the Cleveland series. When you have so many weapons at your disposal, you don’t put a tight game in the hands of Ruiz, Gonzalez, or Cordero.
  14. Soto is the #1 overall pick next year. To borrow a catch-phrase used by people beneath my contempt, you will know this if you’re “reading the room”.
  15. A shining beacon for the surprising suckfest that is the 2020 Padres with their amazing nonexistent playoff trio of Lamet/Clevinger/Paddack. It’s all bad, all the time. Maybe just start Drew Pomeranz in game one against whatever team will absolutely obliterate them.