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  1. I didn’t realize that Will Harris was 35 years old. He sure has been a monster for the past 5 years. Very bizarre career arc. Basically just a Triple A lifer until he turned 30.
  2. As long as you’re solid up the middle, there’s a lot that you can hide on the corners. Timmay throws a wrench into that a bit with his wild throws. Maybe they can bring Kareem Abdul Jabbar out of retirement and have him play 1B.
  3. Not surprised by this post. There are a whole lot of stooopid Yankees fans on twitter going on about how he failed in 22 plate appearances against the Astros, and therefore, he is damaged goods. Lots of irreversible brain damage it looks like.
  4. Ceedee, Chuba, Najee, Tee, and Laviska. Just think - it could have been Chuck, George, Ralph, Phil, and Harold.
  5. Hell, we could probably just do it in here. For people who just woke up out of a coma, go get Perriman. Gus Edwards is about to get run into the ground. Hill will get plenty of action as well. Some dude named Homer in Seattle. Marshawn has been chillin’ on the couch for the past year. 49ers vs Seahawks was already must-watch TV but now it’s taking on a circus feel. Giants tight end Kaden Smith. Indianapolis defense vs the lowly Jags.
  6. There is some upside to Week 17 leagues, though. People who took a flier on Lamar Jackson in the middle rounds and think that they accomplished something are going down in flames this week. You got him for $1 in your auction league? Well, if that ain’t the ultimate cool story. Now take a pie to the face and have a merry Christmas.
  7. He was solid in Weeks 13 & 14, before the Week 15 blowup. I know that factored into my decision to start him. Not to mention what seems like an obscene amount of WR2 types going down this year. Bottom line - Perriman is now a must-start option given the circumstances.
  8. Mike Evans owners picked him up last week, started him, and got like 30 points out of it. I don’t see the desperation angle here. What team is more pass-happy than Tampa Bay?
  9. Well you’re putting him out there as a potential league winner. It’s not out of the realm of possibility for him to have a productive outing vs Tampa Bay.
  10. Likely because the Bears and Rams are not completely dead. And Kirk Cousins has a penchant for crapping the bed down the stretch, for whatever reason.
  11. Total desperation play. How many home run balls are being delivered by Jacoby Brissett? He’s thrown a whopping 6 TDs since Week 4, and 2/3 of them came in one game vs Houston. Campbell is owned in 2% of yahoo leagues. “League Winner” gets tossed around frequently, to the point where it’s hard to read, particularly in this case. Not to crap all over your hopes and dreams or anything.
  12. He’s only posted one good line since Week 3, unfortunately. He’ll still come off the board relatively early next year due to name recognition. And everyone will be laughing at the person that drafts him.
  13. Great news today. It sounds like he might play against Houston on Thursday.
  14. He was in a walking boot as of October 30? So technically a full 3 weeks = November 19. Next game after that would be vs Houston on Thursday, November 21. I’m sticking with the game vs Tennessee on December 1st. That would give him a full 4.5 weeks.
  15. Week 13 (December 1) vs Tennessee is still the target date. I wouldn’t panic just yet. It’s been 2 weeks since his injury was announced. I figured he’d be gone for a month. I have no idea who the IR guy is. Did he personally examine Ty Hilton? Or is he reading Tarot cards?