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  1. Orioles fan here who saw Walker a lot when he was in Frederick in 2013. Walker is basically a 1st basemen trying to play the outfield. Unless Goldschmidt, Pollock, Martinez or Peralta get hurt, the answer is obviously no. This is Walker's 4th organization in 2017. I think comparing his 2017 stats in Reno with his 2015-2016 stats in Nolfolk, says a lot about the difference in playing in a pitcher's park in the international league versus a hitter's park in the PCL.
  2. Joseph was focused on trying to be a catcher and had a lot of issues with concussions while in the minors.
  3. Hoskins and Joseph are both right handed so a platoon does not seem likely. Joseph is not a star but he has hit 33 hrs in about a years worth of at bat. I own Joseph and Hoskins in my NL only league so I am not biased. Joseph is less than two years older than Hoskins. I am not convinced that Hoskins would put up better numbers than Joseph in the majors and I think Joseph would put up Hoskins like numbers if he was still in AAA. It is a situation where Joseph got to the majors first and is not bad enough to be replaced, does not have a lot of trade value because there is little demand for a 1st basemen only and does not make a lot money so Hoskins is kind of in limbo.
  4. Foster Griffin was a 1st round pick for the Royals in 2014 out of high school. He is left handed pitcher. Griffin turns 22 next month. He never really did much until this year. I saw him pitch at Frederick in high A on May 19th and was impressed. The radar gun in Frederick is messed up but Griffin had a good hitting lineup off balance all game. I looked today and see that Griffin was promoted to AA and has been very good in six starts. 2.86 ERA, 1.10 whip and more than a strikeout per inning. A google search shows virtually nothing about Foster Griffin but I picked him today in my deep dynasty league and think he is someone to keep an eye on.
  5. Thanks. This is the first year in about five years that I have a team on Yahoo. I just needed to click on opponents. I feel stupid.
  6. One thing I like about ESPN better than Yahoo for leagues with daily changes is that ESPN shows the opposing pitcher. This seems like a very simple enhancement that would be very helpful. I have couple of positions where I select starers based on the opposing pitcher and it is so much easier to manage this on ESPN than Yahoo.
  7. I am in four leagues. Each of my leagues are on a different website (ESPN, Yahoo, CBS and Onroto) and I was in a fantrax league last year. I run the Onroto league. We have used Onroto since 2009 and we have always been very happy. We have keepers and a draft order that is different for two rounds. I found Onroto to be the best at customizing and extremely responsive when I have questions.
  8. I am not sure I buy that Alcantara is going to be in the majors in 2017 but it does sound like he is making quite an impression in spring training. See the last paragraph. http://m.cardinals.mlb.com/news/article/216734808/cardinals-can-overcome-alex-reyes-injury/
  9. John Danks has made more than $72 million dollars in his career. He signed a 5 year $65 contract after the 2011 season including $15,750,000 last year when he was 0-4 with a 7.24 era and 1.75 whip. For the five year contract he went 25-48 with a 5.33 era and a 1.42 whip.
  10. It was his fault because of his domestic violence arrest, but Oilvera really did not get a much of a chance. Most of at bats were in September 2015 where he was adjusting to the majors and had less than 100 abs in the minors after missing a lot of time the previous couple of seasons due to defecting and a blood disorder. Olivera had a nice spring in 2016 but got arrested after 20 abs and eventually released.