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  1. River Ave Blues put it pretty succinctly - if they can't play because of the virus, so be it. It might be the case for all sports. But if they scotch the season because a bunch of millionaires and billionaires can't reach a financial compromise it's gonna burn baseball to the ground.
  2. Up until now I think the upside was a Sabathia-esque trajectory for the next few years as he figured out how to pitch with a different set of weapons. Now even that might be expecting too much.
  3. French Ligue 1 and 2 playing behind closed doors until April 15. In Germany all gatherings of more than 1,000 people are off. MLB and other American leagues are surely taking notice.
  4. I'd add any games in the northeast where the weather is cooler too. Confirmed cases in DC, Maryland and Pennsylvania (Philly burbs).
  5. Gary Sanchez out of camp today with a fever. Team would not say if he is being tested for COVID-19 but surely he will be.
  6. Not in camp today because he's running a fever. Team would not disclose if he is being tested for COVID-19.
  7. I caught some of an interview a few weeks ago in which he admitted he didn't prepare enough last year and said he was recommitting to prep work and getting back to basics this year. Who knows if he can stave of Father Time for another year but I think he might be undervalued a bit at this point.
  8. Apparently the injury dates to a diving catch in September(!). I can totally see that happening but man there's gotta be an inquest as to why two injuries suffered in the fall (Judge and Sevy) seem to have gone undiagnosed for months.
  9. Not a good diagnosis but at least it's a diagnosis.
  10. Ruocco has been in Yankees PR for years and actually stepped in to do play by play last year when Michael Kay was out following throat surgery. He also does play by play for the Nets. I imagine he'll take over for either John Sterling or Michael Kay, whoever leaves first.
  11. I mean that is definitely not a compelling thing to say, sheesh.
  12. This discussion is probably worth a big ole caveat that if a player or staff comes down with COVID-19 all bets are off. MLB players and employees are probably 99th percentile for air travel and though not at huge risk personally if carrying the virus could spread it far and wide very quickly.
  13. purchase insurance or pay a penalty. And that was ruled invalid so there is currently no consequence to not having insurance. Other than not having insurance, obviously