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  1. If you have one near you, try going to a minor league game or two next season. Good for what ails a fan jaded with the majors.
  2. This is the mantra Rob Manfred whispers to himself as he falls asleep each night.
  3. That arms race mentality is the entire reason why the steroids era was what it was. I totally agree this is uncharted territory and my point from the start is once you start down that road of trying to guess how much one thing or another is helping someone and where to draw the line, things get very tricky.
  4. What if the knee brace let CC plant his leg just like old times and he was up there a Cy Young contender again? Unlikely perhaps, but once you start trying to guesstimate how much one thing or another is helping someone, and drawing lines in the sand as to what is fair or unfair, you're well down the slippery slope. Something that struck me when Andy Pettitte explained away his HGH use as a way to recover faster was how that was deemed "not ok" but using cortisone for the exact same reason - speeding recovery - was socially acceptable within the game. Bernie Williams started out wearing aviator-style glasses but midway through his career got LASIK. “The next day after going back to the doctor, I was seeing 20-15. Before, I was 20-40.” Vision is one of, if not the most important attributes to being a successful hitter, and he got his improved to well beyond what we consider 100%. Was he cheating? https://nypost.com/2000/02/17/bernie-can-see-better-days-ahead/
  5. IMO you're entering the slippery slope of what constitutes an advantage, unfair or otherwise. IF he has a medical deficiency and IF he takes HGH to correct that deficiency I don't see how it's all that different from getting LASIK or even cortisone injections to bring down chronic swelling. Was CC's monstrous knee brace an advantage? He couldn't pitch without it.
  6. So my read of that is if Trout was using HGH it was not sanctioned as a medical exemption, loophole or otherwise.
  7. I'm not a doctor but it seems pretty straightforward - if his thyroid is haywire and he needs HGH to regulate it or whatever then that's what he needs. That's not a loophole, that's the whole point of "medical exemptions."
  8. It's gonna be really interesting to see their home/road splits for sure. They are going to get savaged at every stadium they visit.
  9. The funny thing is I think they are by far the best commentators they've had in years.
  10. I didn't agree with revoking their trophy before but this is true just nuke it from orbit. The whole season was trashed.
  11. Based on the Farquhar clip I think you can assume Gattis was in on it.
  12. Disregarding the warning AND taking it to another club definitely seems like crossing a big fat line. I think the actual length of the suspension is probably academic as he'll be unhireable after this anyway. I am interested to see how the two teams do on the road this year. The boos will rain down for sure but I wonder how players will respond. Beanings etc? I saw Aaron Judge took the time to delete a congratulatory post on social media for the Astros WS win.
  13. Jim Crane just fired them both on live TV.
  14. You may not draft him unless you rename your team with some sort of wild boar-related pun.
  15. I saw a photo of him sporting the beard. Maybe that's what it takes.