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  1. A second baseman putting up those numbers is more valuable for roster construction than an OF doing it. It's not as simple as comparing ADP to player rater. And even if it were, if I took someone 30th overall I'd be content with them being the 40th best player on the player rater.
  2. I'd bet money on Vlad being higher than 14th out of this list.
  3. And I disagree that in 2020 Turner and Vlad have the same upside. Turner has never hit over 27 HRs in his career. Their projections are similar which is fine if that’s what you wanna roll with but Vlad clearly (to me) has a higher ceiling.
  4. In fantasy you don’t to be near the hitter someone else is to have as much value as them. Stolen bases are scarce and Acuna said he wants to steal 50 bases this year. I’m not projecting 50 SB but it’s nice to hear he wants to run and will get a full season batting 1st to prove it.
  5. My entire response to you was in reference to your statement that “they all seem like the same player to me with the same amount of upside”. And now you’re saying “does Turner have the same upside as Vlad? Of course not”. Their 2020 projections might be similar and if that’s all you said I probably wouldn’t have responded. Like I said, my entire response was you’d saying those two had Vlad’s upside.
  6. He played 135 games. In 9 seasons, he’s only played over 135 games once. He hit 27 home runs. In 9 seasons, he’s never hit over 27 home runs. Saying that Vlad and Turner have equal upsides is a big stretch in my opinion. That’s not a knock on Turner, it’s just acknowledging Vlad’s talent if things click for him.
  7. Vlad missed a month a season and was seeing major league pitching for the first time. I’m sorry but his upside is well over 27 HRs. He may not reach his upside but that’s a different discussion that what I’m taking issue with.
  8. If neither do or both do we tie. No one wins.
  9. It’s not just that he stole way less, it’s that he attempted way less. Maybe it was just variance and this attempts will revert back to the mean, or maybe there were other variables in play (injury history) making it less likely he attempts ~30 stolen bases. I wouldn’t fault anybody for baking that into the decision of taking Trout 1st vs 2nd. Why wouldn’t we use Acuna’s lineup position to project his 2020 outlook/upside when have evidence of how different his production was? I’m down to do that side bet for fun if you’d like. If Acuna reaches 40/40, I win. If Trout reaches 50/30, you win. If both or neither do we tie. I think 40/40 for Acuna is more likely than 50/30 for Trout.
  10. I’ll offer anyone here a side bet if they really think Trout going 50/30 is as likely to happen as Acuna going 40/40.
  11. You’re leaving out the relevant info that he only attempted 13 steals in 2019 compared to over double that on average in the previous three years. Could that be because he was injured twice stealing and ran less? Could it be because of his foot injury? We’ll find out. Since you’re insistent on extrapolating full game paces..... here’s Acuna’s full season pace from the leadoff spot: Age 22 46 HR 145 Runs 107 RBI 48 SB I don’t have a problem with people preferring Trout but I also don’t see how anyone could have a problem with others chasing those stats.
  12. I get that Vlad needs to make adjustments to reach his upside and I realize why people might avoid him because they don't believe he can. Saying that McNeil and Turner have the same amount of upside as Vlad is wild, though. Turner is 35 years old and has never hit over 27 home runs in a season. If that's really what you feel Vlad's upside is then let me know so I can keep that in mind when I read your tiers threads.
  13. Maybe Trout will bat 1st sometimes. Maybe he will run a lot more when he bats 1st. We already have those answers for Acuna.
  14. Where did Trout bat in the order after his first two years? 3rd? Acuna batting 1st makes it significantly more likely he steals more than he would batting 3rd.