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  1. This started with him saying Franco's ceiling was 180 R+RBI (not 200). His upside/ceiling, like you say, is a #2 or #3 hitter in on what could be a good AL East team.
  2. You said all 2018 MLB revenue. Now you’re admitting that your link omitted the postseason? Maybe read the article before you link it.
  3. @daynlokki why’d you’d lie and say your link included all MLB ad revenue for 2018 when the article clearly says it ended end September 26th? Do you realize MLB postseason happens mostly into October? Also, it appears to only include national ad revenue, not local television revenue. How do you get “all”?
  4. If you say so, even though total TV revenue matters. Regardless, you’re wrong about your link showing all 2018 MLB ad revenue. It doesn’t include local ad revenue or 35 playoff games.
  5. Even if you’re only talking about Ad revenue, your article does NOT show the full MLB ad revenue for 2018. Your article is only citing national ad revenue numbers, not including local television ad numbers. The article also ends September 26th, meaning it didn’t include the 35 nationally televised playoff games.
  6. It's not falsifying records. It's literally doing what the CDC is advising them to do.
  7. Per Fangraphs: 1. MLB has three national TV contracts that total about $1.7 billion. 2. Another $1 billion comes from central offices like MLB.TV and MLB Network. 3. Another $1.5 billion came from local TV deals in 2016 ranging from $20 million (Rays, Rockies, Marlins) to $204 million (Dodgers). The median deal was $46 million. $2.7 billion in national deals comes out to about 90 million per team. So before any sort of revenue sharing, we are looking at a high of $294 million, median of $136 million, and low of $110 million of TV revenue.
  8. The getting hit by a bus comment was obviously over the top. But we know these two things to be factual: 1. The CDC advises hospitals to consider any patient that tests positive for COVID and dies a COVID death. 2. Medicare provides more reimbursement for COVID deaths. Based on that there is a moral (CDC recommendations) and financial (reimbursement) incentive to consider COVID the cause of death even if it is a secondary issue. I think it takes a bigger leap of faith to think that isn’t happening at all than to think it. I’m not talking about making up causes of death.
  9. “CDC has advised that persons who test positive for COVID-19 and die are to be counted as a COVID-19 death. Persons whose death certificates report COVID-19 as a cause of death are to be counted as a COVID-19 death.”
  10. It's interesting that if someone tests positive for COVID-19, even someone without symptoms, they are to be labeled a COVID-19 death.
  11. Can anyone find an update chart for this? I'm curious to see if pneumonia deaths are still down.
  12. Some hospitals offer hazard pay, some don't. It is something our health system announced it would pay out on Monday last week. On Thursday they announced they were no longer going to offer it because our COVID volumes at my hospital weren't high enough. Even if our hospital met volume criteria, they are saying I wouldn't qualify for it because I don't spend enough of my shift with COVID patients. It's b/s.
  13. To touch back on this, it's not just elective surgeries that have been cancelled. We are cancelling as many outpatient radiology exams as possible. Our women's imaging centers (mammograms, breast ultrasound) have been completely shut down all month.
  14. Froedtert. One of the leading health systems in Wisconsin. Like I said, their reason is that our COVID volumes are not high enough for them to give us hazard pay. Even if they were, they were only giving it to employees who work 50% or more of their shift on a COVID floor.
  15. This forum is for discussing different opinions. If you post something that I disagree with, I'll point that out. If you are going to say that the #1 prospect in baseball cracking the top 22 in runs+RBI is unrealistic, then I'm going to let you know I disagree. Sorry if that bothers you.