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  1. Beaumont's ICU also isn't full and they aren't seeing this hit young people like he warns. It was fabricated as a scare tactic.
  2. A Beaumont doctor spread lies bout the status of the virus to scare people. What an absolute loser. I hope he ends up getting his license suspended or worse. Here is the original letter:
  3. How would a cancelled season effect prospects? Consider Wander Franco. This WAS a realistic timeline for him: 2020 1st half: Double A 2020 2nd half: Triple A Late 2020: Possible cup of coffee April 2021: Up for good Does this timeline get pushed back a full year now or does he just get rushed through the minors to still be up early 2021?
  4. Havent experts said there are a lot more asymptotic cases with COVID? Which is one of the huge worries with it (people carrying it without knowing)?
  5. Okay so I'm not an epidemiologist but this is interesting to me: 2019/20 flu season confirmed cases: 222,552 2019/20 flu season estimated deaths: 22,000 That would be a 9.9% death rate on confirmed cases. That's not the rate the CDC uses, though. They use estimated number of flu cases as their denominator instead of positive tests. COVID-19's death rate has been using confirmed cases, not estimated cases.
  6. This is spot on. It's a devastating virus because of the infection rate, but that doesn't make the mortality rate irrelevant. 2% of 10 million dying is a lot worse than 0.5% of 10 million dying. 2% of 100million dying is a lot worse than 0.5% of 100million dying.
  7. If 10million people get infected that's the difference of 200,000 deaths (2%) and 50,000 deaths (.5%), regardless if you really care or not. Calling that irrelevant is ridiculous.
  8. Stop being obtuse. Nothing I said was about what numbers are more key or more important. My entire issue is with you calling mortality rate of a pandemic causing virus “irrelevant”.
  9. Obtuse? You literally said that mortality rate is irrelevant. If you didn't mean that mortality rate is irrelevant, just less important, then don't say it's irrelevant. If we expect 25% of the population to get this at some point (or whatever the number is at) then a 7% mortality rate (Italy) is massively different than a 2% mortality rate (USA) or lower (South Korea). It's relevant and pointing out that it's relevant doesn't make me obtuse.
  10. No buts. Mortality rates are crucial pieces in the scope of epidemics and pandemics.
  11. I'm aware how it works. I'm also aware that calling the mortality rate of a virus irrelevant is absurd.
  12. Imagine believing the mortality rate during a pandemic is irrelevant.
  13. Making statements like “never” based on rookie year approach seems like a great idea.
  14. I’m really interested in his launch angle.
  15. Hopefully your fear mongering will drive down ticket prices. Thanks guys.
  16. Still a critical mask shortage because of people over-reacting and not thinking through this.
  17. There a negative medical consequences for others when people panic and/or deplete supplies better allocated elsewhere.
  18. Okay so we are on the same page that the panic from the general public is not good.
  19. I work in health care and when the hysteria is negatively effecting patient care I’ll point that out the hysteria from wherever I feel like it (including from the comfort of my own home).
  20. Turn off main stream media. The over reaction by the general public is not good.
  21. In the MLB.com video they interview someone in the dugout asking why he's doing that in a ST game. The answer was the Bauer is upset with the sign stealing scandal so his solution is to let batters know what is coming every pitch so there is no question about it. Amazing, really. 😂