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  1. Will need to survive FA and the draft in order to get excited. Could easily see them sign Hooper to replace Olsen.
  2. Washington vs Giants or 49ers vs Rams That’s the decision I have for my championship game lol. Thank god we are dropping d/kickers after this year.
  3. Seems like the clear back to me. He still has some juice left too.
  4. So about the weather though.. Rainy wind and cold. Something just to keep an eye on.
  5. That’s tough. I’m Gonna say Murray but I would get playing tyrell as well.
  6. Williams over Diggs because of the Injury. Diggs doesn’t play as well when he is hurt.
  7. Pick 2 out of the following four player for me to start. .5 PPR. WHIR! James White vs Pit Josh Gordon vs Pit Curtis Samuel vs LA Latavius Murray vs Hou Thanks!
  8. In a deep dynasty so options were limited but I’m going with KC against Jax. Jax offensive line is week and Foles is battling through an injury.
  9. He is trying way to hard to be Bill Belichick rofl.
  10. Very excited to see what he has..but definitely won’t be starting him week 1.