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  1. If a backup QB is in he will get like 15 targets, if it’s Jimmy G he will get a handful. Idk why Jimmy doesn’t look his way more often either.
  2. No one else on either team to get COVID so they can play the damn game.
  3. Different system entirely. Jonnu has the skills to be a top end TE but instead they can just let him block for Henry who eats up every defense he faces. Probably will be one of those better in real life vs fantasy type players until something major changes.
  4. You can tell they were just easing him back in, and he is clearly a much better runner than Hyde. My guess is he gets the lion share of snaps early in the next few games, but if Seattle goes up big on NYG/NYJ/WSH then they will let Hyde run it to kill time and conserve Carson.
  5. His matchups these next few weeks are just beautiful. Ramsey on championship week sucks but everything before that is fantastic.
  6. I think Dallas is a better TE than Ertz, but with the receiving woes of the team in general I know they will still try to get Ertz involved.Hoping Peterson realizes who the better TE is at this point..
  7. With Ertz coming back and wentz missing every throw possible? Idk I hope so but I could also see ertz going back to being the receiving TE and a Dallas relegating to more blocking duties in order to help the terrible offensive line. I absolutely could be wrong but it’s jut my gut feeling.
  8. Thank god they quickly abandoned the idea of making Peyton Barber the RZ guy. Dude is Jordan Howard 2.0.
  9. Man you guys are focusing on the wrong points here. Yes he dropped two balls. But remember where we were a little over a year and a half ago where people thought he was another Stephen Hill type because he supposedly couldn’t run routes and that whole three come thing? Last year he showed signs of improvement but he still relied mostly on athleticism, running the same routes on the same side of the field most of the time. But this year? He is lining up on both sides of the field, running a bunch of different routes and looking damn good doing it. The thing is he could of still been a great player in the nfl if he stayed who he was year 1 based off his Athleticism alone, but now he is taking a giant next step and turning into a generational type receiver. He is learning to control his absurd frame and he actually has made some notable improvements catching the ball this year as well, I’ll forgive a few occasional drops. Btw he has Philly, NYG, NYJ, WAS the next four weeks. Sit back and enjoy the show.