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  1. Have him stashed in an IR spot at the moment, hope to keep him there for a couple games to see how he looks. I’d be pumped if he gets traded asap but we’re still a ways out from the deadline.
  2. He definitely benefits from Siakam taking the opponent’s best wing defender in my opinion. I would be holding in all leagues and 100% picking him up anywhere he was dropped.
  3. So close to witnessing the greatest comeback in sports history. Damn.
  4. Just hopped on. Still not sure how the minutes are going to be there but I can afford a few stashes.
  5. Yeah, the best thing they could do with Zion is put 4 shooters on the floor with him.
  6. Yeah, I could take or leave the analysis, but at the very least they could proofread these blurbs to make sure the sentences are coherent.
  7. I can’t imagine why, other than Adams being cheaper I guess.
  8. De'Aaron Fox filled it up during a 127-106 loss to the Bucks on Friday, scoring 19 points with nine rebounds, 10 assists, four steals, two blocks and one 3-pointer in 38 minutes. He has finally hit his stride this month, averaging 23.0 points, 3.8 boards, 6.8 dimes, 2.0 steals, 1.0 blocks and 1.0 treys on a 45/29/80 shooting line over his previous four games. Fox didn't play well next to Marvin Bagley next year with a dip in his efficiency, but Bagley's return won't affect Fox much if he's playing at a high level like he is right now. ^ you lost me here
  9. I mean, word “gaffe” is pretty much in his name
  10. Getting an MRI on his knee Frick this flat earth