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  1. Yep. Super flex-worthy. So flex-worthy I’ll be flexing him in my RB1 spot.
  2. Running it back again this week? Cowboys are a nice matchup.
  3. The Bengals might be the worst run franchise in the league. Clown show from top to bottom. Sean McVay’s poolboy Zac Taylor should go back to college and suck there too.
  4. But the Bengals’ oline was so good? Who could have seen this coming?
  5. Kupp had 94 receptions for 1161 yards and 10 TDs in 2019, solidifying himself as Goff's #1 receiver and endzone target. He had a couple massive games and a couple complete duds where the Rams' offense couldn't even move the ball. The 10 TDs will be tough to repeat. Kupp's early ADP is around 26 overall, so there's not a ton of value baked into the price. Anybody think another top-10 WR finish is the cards for Kupp?