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  1. So the Colts are a lock to make playoffs in the AFC? They're going to need Taylor to carry them there. Mack couldn't do it last year. Rivers couldn't do it with the Chargers.
  2. I think he was talking about porn, but I might be projecting
  3. Yikes, not hard to see why 120K+ people have died in the US reading some of these comments
  4. Dr. Anthony Fauci: Football needs 'bubble' format to play in 2020 "Unless players are essentially in a bubble -- insulated from the community and they are tested nearly every day -- it would be very hard to see how football is able to be played this fall," Fauci said. "If there is a second wave, which is certainly a possibility and which would be complicated by the predictable flu season, football may not happen this year." Yikes.
  5. Damn, that article is full of icy cold takes ❄️❄️❄️ "lack of speed" - he ran a 4.39 40 "Taylor reminds me of a former Wisconsin Badger running back, Montee Ball. Both are around 5’11 and 215 lbs while running behind historically great offensive lines in college" - that's literally where the comparisons end "Taylor is nowhere near as talented as [Melvin] Gordon was coming out of Wisconsin" - debatable
  6. Yahoo Fantasy Basketball 2019-20 End of Season The NBA has made an official announcement that they will proceed with 22 teams to complete the regular season schedule. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about your Fantasy Basketball leagues and contests: I am in a Fantasy Basketball league - what’s going to happen? All Pro and Cash leagues will have the regular season standings applied as final. We are currently exploring options, due to the uncertainty of the NBA schedule, for head-to-head, rotisserie and points-based leagues. We will make a future announcement here and on your league’s home page. Pro league winners will be Winner league eligible next season. Fantasy Profile/History will reflect the final standings. I am in a Basketball Pro League - will Yahoo issue refunds or payout winners? All Pro League users will soon be issued a refund into their Fantasy Wallet. My Basketball league has a cash league contest - will Yahoo issue refunds or payout winners? All private leagues with a cash league contest will have the contest canceled. League members will soon be issued a refund in their Fantasy Wallet. Reach out to your league commissioner to address questions or concerns. I am in a Daily Fantasy Contest/League - what will happen? The season will proceed as normal. Can I hide this season from my profile? The season will appear as any other season. However, we are looking into adding an indicator for any seasons impacted by cancelation, lockout, etc. Will this season affect my Yahoo Fantasy Basketball Level/Rating? Incomplete matchups will be discarded. If your league is ending (Pro/Cash) or the game does not restart, your level and rating are final until next season. This level and rating already accounts for any completed regular season and playoff matchups.
  7. What happens if my league's playoffs have not yet started or my league doesn't use playoffs? In head-to-head leagues, the team in first place as of the end of the matchup period that ended March 8 will be crowned the champion. I just need yahoo to do the same thing. I'll be champion by 0.5 games. Not how I wanted to win, but I'm gonna take it.
  8. Mack has been pretty productive behind arguably the best OL in football, but if you actually watch him run, he's more of a straight-line runner with stiff hips. He doesn't have a ton of wiggle and doesn't really create anything for himself. IMO he's the definition of a replacement level RB and Indy's draft capital investment in JT leads me to believe their front office agrees with me. Watch a few minutes of Mack's 2019 highlights, he's pretty much just following his blockers, taking what the OL gives him. At no point does he stick a foot in the ground and explode in the other direction. Now imagine Jonathan Taylor hitting some of the holes you see above with his elusiveness and breakaway speed. Buckle up.
  9. He has 13 career NFL passing attempts. What is there to like?
  10. Disagree - IMO the disparity in talent between the 2 will be immediately apparent and DW will be used to spell CEH. Just speculation though.
  11. Spot on - anyone who thinks the Chiefs owe some kind of deference to Damien Williams has their head in the sand.
  12. Frank Reich on if Marlon Mack should have a lead on retaining the starting running back position over Jonathan Taylor: “There’s definitely inherent respect for the starter returning. And that’s the way I see this….I see it as a 1-1 (punch). The way the league has gone and the way role playing has been elevated in our league, it’s made it prominent. We used to say in San Diego that when we had Danny Woodhead. He was not our starter, he was our ‘role playing’ starter. He played such a significant role. He had 80 catches in a year. You look at a guy like Nyehim Hines. We talk about Marlon and Jonathan, but what about Nyheim? He’s such a good third-down back that he’ll play a prominent (role). In some ways, (Hines) is a starter. He’s a role-playing starter.”
  13. Haven’t been hearing that one for the last 3-4 years 🙄
  14. Really like Dobbins, just think Akers edges him out due to workhorse potential in 2020. If I was rebuilding I’d lean Dobbins over Akers. Really like both of them.
  15. For dynasty right now (standard scoring) I’ve got: 1. CEH 2. Taylor 3. Akers 4. Dobbins 5. Swift but 3 through 5 seem pretty interchangeable right now based on competitiveness of your team and personal preference. 6. I really have no idea at this point but Vaughn is intriguing.
  16. Damn, MGIII has chicken legs compared to Joe.
  17. Fingers crossed this doesn't end up in a holdout. JOE MIXONRB, CINCINNATI BENGALS Bengals director of player personnel Duke Tobin said the team has "visited with" RB Joe Mixon about a long-term deal. Tobin added, "Joe’s obviously a guy that’s shown a lot of ability ... He’s in a year that he can be extended, and he is a guy that we visited with. We’ll go through those discussions and see if there is a fit or a match for a long-term contract with him, obviously a guy we value quite a bit. The great thing about Joe is he goes about it the right way . . . He’s the type of guy you want to lock up to a long-term deal. We’ll see if we can find the commonality to get that done over time here.” Rumors have circulated that Mixon could be preparing to holdout if the team doesn't manage to get a long-term deal done. Mixon finished 2018 and 2019 as the fantasy PPR RB10 and RB13, respectively, despite splitting plenty of snaps with Giovani Bernard and operating behind one of the league's worst offensive lines. The expected addition of Joe Burrow, combined with the return of 2019 first-round OT Jonah Williams, should help both Mixon's touchdown equity and efficiency. SOURCE: May 10, 2020, 10:46 AM ET
  18. Found this: Pass Protection - Has all the physical ability to be a standout pass blocker but reps are often dreadful. Lacks awareness when reading the defense and good coordinators put him in conflict and he usually took the wrong man. Can be passive to lean in with a shoulder instead of getting square, engaging his hands and leveraging his hips. Needs to get coached up. From here:
  19. Lack of volume - as others have mentioned, I expect the Broncos to try and protect Lock by pounding the rock with their 3 RBs.
  20. I mean, there’s 20 or so QBs I’d rather see throwing him the ball than Lock for fantasy purposes
  21. I think I have him 3rd right now behind Taylor/CEH but I could understand the case for him over those 2.