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  1. He looked like he tweaked his groin at the end of the game last night. Hopefully he's ok.
  2. Watson isn't even ranked in the Rotoworld rankings. Does anyone think he's worth a pick-up?
  3. I'm starting Jackson as well because I just lost Wentz, but it won't surprise me if Flacco comes in on some obvious long passing downs. Good luck to all of us starting Jackson.
  4. Not trying to stir anything up, but the Saints have done that this year with Brees and Taysom Hill. I hate it because I have Kamara, but it's not unprecedented.
  5. Did I suggest dropping Golladay? Poor reading comprehension on your part. I'd much rather start Reynolds this week at home versus a defense that is totally banged up and has been getting shredded lately versus Golladay who has struggled and now goes on the road with a QB that's been playing like crap this season. How's that for Rotoworld logic?
  6. The problem is Allen does all the running on that team now.
  7. Umm, Golladay has gone 3 for 50 and 2 for 5 the last 2 weeks. Rams had two tough matchups on the road the last two weeks and Stafford has been rather poor this year. I think Goff and Reynolds get back on track this week at home and in a favorable matchup. The Eagles secondary is depleted.
  8. I also think he comes back strong. He's well rested and with defenses having to worry about Gordon, Edelman, James White, etc. he may be feasting the rest of the season. Good luck to all Gronk owners the rest of the way.
  9. Any update on his injury? It's slim pickin's for TEs, my goodness.
  10. This. He's lightning fast and very difficult to cover. He's their #1 receiver and he's been hurt all season up until now. Not sure why this is surprising people. He showed a bunch of promise at the end of last season so I expect big things in the 2nd half. Good luck to all Goodwin owners.
  11. RoJo is a hold. Barber had some success because they were playing arguably the worst D in the NFL. He will be back to 16 carries for 42 yards next week and eventually RoJo will get his shot.
  12. Picked up Ryan Tannehill as a fill-in, but that experiment failed miserably. Was offered Wentz and Devin Funchess for Gio Bernard and Calvin Ridley - would you do it? My team is below:
  13. He's the only other QB the Niners have so he's absolutely rosterable imo. He will get all the snaps going forward barring injury so definitely worthy of a pick-up, especially in deeper leagues.
  14. I lost Jimmy G this week and targeting him on the waiver wire (#2 priority) this week. I have no backups. Tannehill was somehow completely forgotten about this year. He was a great fantasy QB a couple of years ago and then got hurt. His rushing yards are great. Good luck to those picking him up.
  15. I also offered Reed and Royce Freeman and no interest. I have CMC and Ingram coming back so I'm ok with dumping either Jones or Freeman at this point. Can only play max 2 RBs in this league.