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  1. Let me know if you are interested
  2. Here is the link
  3. I’m gonna create a $100 yahoo roto league with payments in LeagueSafe. Snake draft tonight at 8pm EST. Will create separate post for it soon
  4. I need 1 owner to take over both teams in the AL and NL- leagues I run. They are virtually identical leagues, we are set to start the slow auction draft on ProBoards tomorrow but we had 1 owner bail on his teams last minute. The team fees for this year are already paid for. First come, first serve, post your email in this thread and i will contact you
  5. Povse will end up being the best player from that trade
  6. White isn't just a "placeholder". All he's done his entire career is hit, and there are no indications that he won't continue to do so.
  7. anyone else having problems streaming from the Xbox One? I can barely even watch a game right now, it keeps freezing, buffering, and then taking me to a message that says the stream is unavailable. I click retry and the process repeats, very frustrating stuff...
  8. hey if you're interested in a great AL-Only Auction Keeper league, I'm starting a new one this year. We have 2 spots left are will begin the slow draft as soon as the league has filled and everyone has paid. Email me at and I can send you the full constitution