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  1. Don’t see it. I think he’s more valuable real life player than fantasy contributor. But his best statistical days are behind him.
  2. No doubt about it. But wentz also holds the ball for too long, too often.
  3. It’s not that simple. Teams are taking away the running game of the ravens and begging jackson to throw. And he can’t get it done.
  4. Since the burrow injury, Bernard hasn’t seen the field. What a joke of an organization.
  5. Late again on a would be TD. Hollywood stinks but Lamar needs to be better. He should just target andrews all GD day.
  6. Play was broken? It was an off-script play that any nfl qb needs to make. The offense stinks but a lot of it is because of his limitations as a passer and the need to design the entire offense around him.
  7. He needs to make the throws that are there though. Under threw andrews for a wide open TD. He’s a huge part of the problem too.
  8. How do we feel about Darius Bazley? He really showed out in the bubble last year and had some monster games when a lot of the thunder sat. I think he is going to have a really solid year. just saw the Bazley post on the previous page.
  9. email sent regarding Team 2