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  1. negative. Basketball will happen. Hockey will never be #1 in the US.
  2. shocked me. Didn’t he break into the majors in like 15 or 16?
  3. these names aren’t in the same stratosphere as some of the others listed earlier.
  4. Hermida. My college roommate loved him.
  5. Excellent league looking for just 3 more to pay and sign up. Been in it 3 years running and it’s a standard auction draft. All fees on league safe , so in case you’re iffy on the mlb start date, you could be refunded if the season doesn’t happen.
  6. The Pistons are a joke, as is the NBA. The lack of transparency in regards to injuries is getting out of control.
  7. Always something with this guy , will never own again. Worst season of fantasy hoops I’ve had in my life. Him, Bertans, Rui, Capela, Bagley, Zion , Oladipo , Kennard. I own them all on the same fn team.
  8. This is on the coaching staff though. Luke Walton is a joke of a coach. Only he would want a slow pace with this young, athletic team.
  9. 2 straight weeks he hasn’t had a game where he shot over 39% from the field.