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  1. The Pistons are a joke, as is the NBA. The lack of transparency in regards to injuries is getting out of control.
  2. Always something with this guy , will never own again. Worst season of fantasy hoops I’ve had in my life. Him, Bertans, Rui, Capela, Bagley, Zion , Oladipo , Kennard. I own them all on the same fn team.
  3. This is on the coaching staff though. Luke Walton is a joke of a coach. Only he would want a slow pace with this young, athletic team.
  4. 2 straight weeks he hasn’t had a game where he shot over 39% from the field.
  5. I can’t imagine anything worse. Not only has he missed every shot from the field he has taken, he is 0-3 from the ft line too.
  6. This guy cannot shoot when DeAaron Fox isn’t setting up his looks.
  7. He’s been so underwhelming. The shooting has been really bad. I could be wrong but he felt so much more efficient last year.
  8. Remarkable how many QB injuries have killed my WR’s, JuJu and Golladay.
  9. I just don’t understand why he is so horrible at shooting the ball anymore though. The system shouldn’t have much to do with it. He is flat out bricking open shots.
  10. Never seen a player of his caliber fall of this quickly.