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  1. If Rotoworld Forum had the category, “Most likely to have been concussed by frozen ham”, my vote definitely would go to @pastorofmuppets2 😂😂
  2. This game might feature the most running plays in league history. I could even see both coaches agreeing to have qbs take turns kneeling for 59 min then settling the match with 50 yard FG attempts.
  3. Yes but i think that reason is still TBD. I’m not impressed with shutting down the likes of Kenyan Drake, Chris Thompson and Jon Hillman. They also allowed old man Gore to have a great day against them. Granted, he was able to open some holes with his walker. But still. If they shut down Chubb, I’ll be a believer.
  4. We saw this song and dance last week. Not getting my hopes up again.
  5. Apparently he and jalen ramsey are afflicted with the same type of injury.
  6. I’ve felt all along that the Browns got Hunt as trade bait and will use him to upgrade elsewhere.
  7. Considering he’s been out of the boot for weeks, i assume he’s been working out since.
  8. Then its a good thing he didnt break his collarbone.
  9. Then why not go to KC’s website and check out the injury report? He was limited today
  10. Yea Reid’s response to that question made zero sense. Reporter asked what hurdles Hill had left to resume playing. Reid mumbles something about timing. Blurb-writer’s interpretation of GTD makes even less sense.