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  1. so you'd hang on to bowman for a while? and yeah i wanna see how that rotation in miami shakes out.
  2. I would take Donte right now. he seems to be in a better groove atm and also has more category juice help with mine?
  3. would you guys drop ky bowman for justise winslow, satoransky or danuel? b clarke, bjelica, and wagner could also be potential drops, but if i ditch bowman for one of the guards, i can drop one of these guys for Noel too. 10 team 8 categories
  4. What I think of when I read the last sentence there
  5. I disagree on Wheeler not deserving to stay. He's been a lot better lately. Vargas on the other hand should head to the pen. Granted today was just one outing but with all the peripherals mentioned above, Lugo looks really good. I think he's worth a spec add in deep leagues. Particularly in points leagues he has value even as a reliever.
  6. Great job mixing in the high heat with the slider and change. Strong return vs an intimidating lineup even without Betts. His defense did him no favors
  7. I'd temper expectations. The whole offense went off tonight. If he does well the next two games then I think it might be time to pick him back up
  8. This might be what we'd like to believe but do we really think the brewers wont play thames or braun? I'm fearing an annoying platoon which is why I haven't added him yet
  9. No way they let Pence have the job back right?
  10. It's supposedly just for this turn in the rotation due the rainouts and stuff.
  11. I think he did well to battle after a rough start. The movement on his pitches looked good. I think there was a combo of the Sox hitters just making good contact and him not having great location. I'm not saying he's going to be an ace ROS, but at the same time I think he's a good pitcher and we shouldn't write him off yet because of an injury which he recovered fairly quickly from.
  12. In any league that penalizes K's or also an obp league I like Soler. He's walking a lot and seeing the ball well. Not to mention he's hitting the ball better. Franchy is the better athlete and might be better suited for cat leagues, but I like Soler as the higher floor player.