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  1. Arians calling run on first down every fresh set of downs. RoJo killing it but maybe mix it up?
  2. Yeah the thing is holes are required for running backs to make plays, but once the back breaks through the line it's usually on them to turn a decent run into a big play. In this case RoJo had some great blocks and a huge hole but he turned it into a big gainer. Troy should have given him credit for that.
  3. That was a huge hole for RoJo but he made a great cut to make it a big run.
  4. I think he looks good too. I'm an owner but unbiased. If my guys suck they suck, my feelings won't be hurt. But RoJo has objectively been good all night.
  5. Well it kinda was the refs because they called it wrong on the field to begin with.
  6. Came here to suggest him. Guess everybody just hates NE RBs? Michel is hurt, Burkhead is solid, but Harris looks like he could be the main guy if it is possible to declare one in NE. James White will always have his 3rd down role of course, but Harris looked good last night in his first career start.
  7. Wait and see for sure. Hoping he gives us a reason to get excited this weekend or next. I don't put any stock in what he did last week, he had been with the team for like 4 days.
  8. In that case I'll take the title solo with a 6-4 advantage over @hgh22. Thanks for settling things @tonycpsu!
  9. Quietly had a strong final week of the season. Can't wait for BSOHL reports in February 2021. He will breakout next year. Book it.
  10. Flash in the pan or on the keeper radar for 2021? Ironically he had a 2016 Matt Olson style outburst and Olson is the guy I benched in favor of Walsh because of how terrible Olson was this year.
  11. He had a pretty good season. Losing 2B is a big value loss IMO. Was considering keeping him for 2021 until I just realized he hadn't played 2B all year. Can't justify keeping him as OF only unless it's a 5 OF league or just really deep overall.
  12. I would still put Lindor and Bregman ahead of Bo. So #6 for me. Bregman and Bichette is close for me though.
  13. Due to the shortness and uncertainty of the season our normal H2H categories dynasty league changed to roto for this year. In typical 2020 fashion we ended up with a 2 way tie for first between myself and @hgh22. I guess it's my 4th title in a row if you count a split title. Feels very empty and unsatisfying. Will never do roto again as the split title was all decided because of Sergio Romo giving up 3-4 hits in the final inning of the season to move HGH just ahead of the 3rd place team in WHIP. Such a lame way to end a season, and yes I am salty about it. Still can't believe there is no tie breaker for roto?
  14. He won us titles in 2018, he did it again in 2020. He went absolutely scorched earth down the stretch.