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  1. Lost by 2 points in one league tonight. Worst beat I've ever had in fantasy. Was up like 43 points going into tonight with Boone going, and the other guy had Devante Adams and Aaron Jones. If Dalvin Cook AND Alexander Mattison don't get hurt I never pick up Boone, and I win because every other flex option I had would've won me the trophy. I hate fantasy football so much. Can't wait for baseball where luck isn't nearly as much of a factor.
  2. For all the Boone or Mostert guys... 62% of Fantasy pros have Boone ahead over Mostert. They are usually wrong so Mostert for sure lol.
  3. Great game today. Glad I rolled the dice on him.
  4. They faced the worst team in the NFL.
  5. Lol you'd rather have Buxton? You must like pain.
  6. In OPS leagues Bryce Harper has worked his way back into second round discussion. Finished #21 overall in my 5x5 OPS Yahoo league. Floor seems pretty safe as a top 25 player in OPS and OBP leagues.
  7. Unfortunately I can't find anywhere that lists each homer by a player with exit velocity included, but I did search the twitter @DingerTracker account for Aquino bombs and there weren't many cheap shots. There is no telling how much impact a non-juiced ball will have on the game, but Aquino is tied with Pete Alonso for the hardest hit homer this season at 118.3 mph. Most of his homers seemed to be around 105 mph. Makes me think he'll still have plenty of power next season if they change the balls. And I do think he'll cheap in double digit steals. He has very good speed, especially for a big man.
  8. The silver lining is that he should come at a discount next season. Hopefully he can heal up fully after surgery.
  9. Considering he's got 8 in 278 ABs, 20 doesn't sound far off if he played 150 games, especially considering the Coors bump and how terrible he was early in the season. The guy playing over the past month has been a 1st round fantasy player. Doing it for a full season is a completely different story though of course.
  10. They also have Rodgers at 2B for 2020. He might start in the minors, but I think he'll factor into the mix. Biggest concern for me with Hampson going forward is definitely playing time.
  11. Believe it or not he did make some K% improvements this year, they just don't really show in his overall stat line for 2019. He made a swing change around the 27th of June. Here are the numbers pre and post-swing change. The 33% K rate, which is still bad, would be the lowest of his MLB career. The post-swing change numbers are top 25 production numbers. The question is can he do this over a full season, and can he stay healthy? If the answer is yes he would certainly be a cheaper alternative to Alonso with probably 90% of the value. G AB PA H 1B 2B 3B HR R RBI BB IBB SO HBP SF SH GDP SB CS AVG K% Total 30 111 126 23 7 7 0 9 20 15 14 0 53 0 1 0 0 0 0 .207 42% Total 71 256 298 68 30 12 2 24 52 62 40 0 99 2 0 0 4 0 1 .266 33%